The Easiest Way Yet to Download YouTube Videos


YouTube Video DownloaderOver the years we've featured lots of different ways of downloading YouTube videos to your computer. Most of these solutions work really well but they either involve downloading software or visiting specialised websites. 

That's fine if you download videos regularly but if you are like me and only need to download them occasionally then the situation is less than ideal. Firstly, few of us want to install software that we only use very occasionally. Secondly, download websites are fine but who can remember their URLs when you need them?

Recently I came across a neat way to download any YouTube video just by prefixing the video URL with two characters. I've tried it several times now and it works a treat. Best of all, you only have to remember the two characters that you need to add to the video URL. As a bonus you can select the degree of compression/file size for the download file ranging from small and course through to large full HD.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to the YouTube page containing the YouTube video you want to download.

2. On that page, click in the browser address window. It should be displaying the video URL

3. Add the letters "SS" to the video URL immediately after the "WWW." and before main part of the URL

4. Press return and you should be taken to the download website where you can select your download resolution and initiate the download itself.


If the YouTube video URL was change it to


Try it, you'll find it works really well and is easy to remember.


And yes, the download site is rated "Green" by Web Of Trust and can be considered to be safe and trustworthy.

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Am not able to use this. Used to be able to, but not now.

I do not think it works anymore as is

You have to search a bit to find the link for the free download. I have not found it to be much of a chore to search for "YouTube download" to take me to any of the many sites I can use to download.

Not so hot a find.....I download right from the Youtube site, using an add-on, 1 click Youtube Video Downloaded.
I have a red button beside my youtube video and I can just click on it and save it as an mp4. It can be downloaded from

I've used for a while now. Works well- and on other sites than YT. I like it for grabbing audio from non-released live performances. You can choose the quality-- if FHD isn't available for that vid, you can just choose the next lowest. Even let's you "share" the link to the direct download to send to others....


Why not mention that this SHAREWARE!

Considering this is SO simple and we don't need to install anything, looking an ad or two isn't too much of a big ask really.

The tip just involves changing the YouTube video URL. No products or purchases are required. Yes, the landing page advertises products; just ignore them.

Sifted with fine toothcomb using Opera & only option for free download was 144p, 240p & 360p. Also add for purchasing Ummy. Freemake has worked for me. Not a push, just saying....

Did you check to see what the original video was available as? I'm using Opera and have no problems. The free downloads seem to go up to 720p though. It does report what the software will provide over that but how many need more than 720p anyway?


I prefer the Flashgot add-on for Firefox for a 3-click download

Thanks for the tip!
When opening a Youtube link after adding the 'ss' I get the opportunity to install an app which is not freeware. Further down the page, and not so prominently displayed, there is a link to download via the browser. Using that link, I got an option to choose quality also, and then the download went smoothly. (Again, afterwards, an offer to buy the app is displayed, but of course, you don't have to).

I have used this for a long time. Yes, it works but only sometimes

The link leads to a download page but if there are videos of more than one quality, it asks you to either install the software if you want the HD version or go via the browser and download the low quality version.

A much better alternative is Torch Browser. You install the browser and if you are on a YouTube site and watching a video, there is a button on the toolbar to directly download it to a folder of your choice. Neat !!

looks like a pay deal to me.