The Easiest Way To Try Audio Editing


If you've never tried using your PC to edit an audio file, and you now think that it might be fun to try, here's a way to do so without having to download or install any software.

Twistedwave windowTwisted Wave is an audio editing program which runs entirely in your browser, so it's quick and easy to get started. Just head to and choose the file you want to work with. You can use an audio file from your own PC, or import from Google Drive or SoundCloud. Once the file is loaded, you can try out all the standard operations such as cutting and pasting in order to tidy up or rearrange the track to your liking. Although Twisted Wave requires a paid subscription, editing tracks of less than 5 minutes' duration is free, so you should be able to load up almost any song that's on your PC. Needless to say, browser-based editing is not the most sensible option, so if you decide that you'd like to explore further, download and install a dedicated freeware audio editor. I'll be writing about a couple of the best ones over the next few days so watch this space.

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" and install a dedicated freeware audio editor."

That would be Audacity -