The Easiest way to Prototype a Web Page or User Interface


Are you still using scraps of paper to sketch the layout for your web pages?  Or maybe you've gone a bit more hi-tech, and are using Post-It notes on your desk?  Or perhaps even a whiteboard and pens?

I don't blame you for not using a computer.  After all, there's just no software app that can compare with pen and paper when it comes to roughing out a page design.  Or at least, there hasn't been until now.

Balsamiq Mockups is a superb program which makes it incredibly easy to draw prototype screen layouts for web page designs, software user interfaces, and more.  It's simple to use, fast, and deliberately shields you from the complexities that are all too tempting to worry about but which really don't need to concern you during the early stages of web site or software app development.

Find out more at  The desktop app version costs $79, but the great news is that you can use it online completely free.

Free online app can currently be used here:




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