The Easiest Photo Collage Creator For Great, Quick Results

By combining 2 or more digital photos into a collage you can create a really nice combined image that would look great as desktop wallpaper, a printed poster, or on the front of a greeting card. 
With dedicated collage-making software, you don't have to do the hard work yourself.  But when that software is actually online, and accessible via nothing more than a web browser, everything's about as easy as it can get.  And that's the case with Photo Joiner, which is at if you wish to try it.
Once you get to the site, choose your collage design and format.  Then browse the pictures on your PC and double-click the ones you want to add to the film strip.  Once this is done, clicking a picture in the film strip lets you resize and rotate it, and you can then drag it onto the collage.  When everything is done, you can share the finished work online or download it as a single image.
Photo Joiner really is simple to use, and is free too.  The simple collage here took me all of 3 minutes to create, including learning how to use the system and rotating the images.

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