The Easiest Online Graphic Design App I've Seen

Fotor ( is a really neat system for designing graphics such as book covers, cards, posters, header images for your Twitter or Facebook account, and much more.  It's available as a downloadable program for Windows, Android and Apple, but the online web-based version will suffice in most cases and is much easier to get started with.  Plus, while many of the templates and designs require you to be a paid-up subscriber, many are free.  Which means you can get started with the system without paying any money or downloading any software.
Head to to get started.  Choose a template, type in the boxes to overwrite the text that's already there, and you're on your way to creating your first design.  Once you're done, you can save it to your PC or, if you have one, to your Dropbox account.
This really is great fun to use, and very easy.  My thanks to reader Lennart Harrysson for telling me about it.

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The article was well-done, but .use for this site just isn't my "cup of tea". Nonetheless, keep up the good work, because you HAVE found lots of useful sites for me in the past (as I'm sure you will in the future!).

Many thanks!

I haven't looked yet - it'll be a while before i can - but can you create your own designs, or are you stuck with the templates provided?

I figure i'll use the downloaded version, not the on-line.

Oops. The Windows version appears to be a Metro app you download through the Windows Store.

Nope nope nope.

That's not the only version. There's a regular downloadable version available for free from

I've used that several times to good effect over the years.

Okay. I see it. I'll try it.