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As you will be painfully aware from the many GDPR confirmation emails you may have recently received, the European Union now requires specific permission from users that they want to receive information from web publishers.

So to comply with the GPDR, I am now formally advising you that if you no longer wish to receive updates from Gizmo's Freeware, then simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email update. Unsubscription is immediate.

I fully support the EU's push for more internet privacy but in the case of Gizmo's Freeware updates, it is somewhat unnecessary as all our email newsletters are double opt-in. That is, when you subscribed you had to confirm your subscription by separate email, so nobody can be getting these updates unless they they actually wanted them.

FYI, we don't keep any record of your subscription on the Gizmo's Freeware website as it is stored by Google Feedburner whose free service we use to manage our subscriptions. To my knowledge, the only information recorded by FeedBurner when you subscribed is your email address but being Google, who knows? Feel free to contact Google Feedburner if you want more information on what information about you they may hold. 


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Please keep me in for some more years, I have been a fan of your site for a long time, your site is one of those few places I'll miss. Thanks for the service

Best site on the net i will always want to receive emails from gizmos

Absolutely YES! I've been a Gizmo fan for years--and Gizmo, I haven't heard from you in many, many years! Glad to hear from you again! I go to about twice every day. Keep me in your family!

Please, keep me on board, or -if dropped - provide Valium for the ensuing withdrawal symptoms. ;-)

Joke aside, thank you for a superb service and dedicated commitment. (You're better than all the Prozac in the World)

Thanks again. Take care.

Yes, Yes, YeS!! Please keep me on the list. I have learned more here than any place else:>) My computer and my skills are far better receiving tips and tricks here. Keep them coming. Two thumbs up.

Informations très judicieuses Très bon site

Yes please, keep 'em coming.

A great service I'm with you all the way!

Keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to your messages. I'm all in.

Absolutely continue, you are indispensable.

please keep on informing me and keeping me geek aware

How do you respond with a "Yes"?

Excellent information

This is the best newsletter that I receive! Keep 'em coming!

Yes, please continue sending your notices to me

Thanks for the information you provide and please continue to do the same for me.

Thanks, keep those e-mails coming.

Please don't stop I like it. Makes feel so good when I get it. Love every word of it.

yes please

Yes Please !! :-) :-)

I would be hurt deeply if I didn't get my emails from Gizmo. I am a loyal reader of your emails. And have been helping as best as I can with my donations. MC - You are a great Site Manager. Please keep up the Good Work
Jimmy (jbones42)

Been with you for ages, want to continue, great site, awesome content.

Long time user and pass along informationto others

Tetra-dittos. I very much appreciate not only the email newsletters, but also the GF website. Many thanks from a grateful yank. :-)

Yes, I want to keep getting email from Gizmos. Been a fan for many years, thanks so much for what you and your pals do.

Thank you for having me. Great site to find just about anything.

Thanx much for the info...and keep doing what you are doing. Without Gizmo I would not understand so many things and I would not have found all of the neat sites/software that I now have. My computer is safer because of you and I can say after several years I can actually understand at least half, if not a little more, of the comments. So much still to learn...

Thanks for the info.
Small typo towards the end: ...if you what... --> if you want (I suppose)

Thanks for pointing this out - now fixed. MC - Site Manager.