This Digital Binder Is A Real Challenger For Microsoft OneNote


gDoic digital binderI've long since admired a program called the gDoc Digital Binder. It's a personal organizer, rather like the filofax paper-based system of old (apologies to anyone who still carries one). Unlike Microsoft's OneNote, Digital Binder actually resembles a ring binder on screen, with pages that you can turn. You can include absolutely any type of information in a binder, including Word documents and PDF files.

My single main criticism of gDoc until now has been its unusual pricing policy. When you download and install the program, you can create one binder with up to 32 tabs. To create more binders, you have to purchase upgrades, and each pack of 10 binders costs almost $40. Imagine what would happen if Microsoft charged for Word by the number of documents you created!

Thankfully, the company has finally seen sense. On November 1st, the new release of the product will still cost $40 but you'll be able to create unlimited binders. At which point, it seems likely that they'll withdraw the free version. So you have until the end of this month to get it.

Remember, the free version lets you create a single binder with up to 32 tabs, which is plenty of space to store and organise loads of your documents, files and notes. The download is a rather large 167 MB and you'll find it at

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Thanks so much for this Rob. I downloaded the free version when you posted it and was pleasantly surprised to get a free upgrade to the full version because I already had a key from the free version. I have visited here for over 10 years and am constantly amazed by the wonderful work you all do. Ever so grateful for this site!

As per the website...
"Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service pack.
Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop 32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service pack."
I presume the latter means Windows 8.1.

Is there a limit on the number of docs, per tab?

you forgot to mention system requirements; it would have been nice to know that XP is not supported.

Come on, dude. Why should Rob mention OS's that themselves are no longer supported? XP is 2 1/2 years beyond its expiration date. You can still use XP if you want, but don't expect a software review today to devote any space to it. If you're still using XP, you're on your own.

Com'On Dude, because listing system requirements is SOP and that not only includes Windows OS, but also MAC & LINUX. This site used to mention system requirements not only in their "Best Freeware" lists, but with every article. I visit "Giveaway of the Day" almost every day; they list system requirements for every giveaway they offer. I use Softpedia almost exclusively for downloads and update/upgrade notifications; they list system requirements for every program on their servers. System Requirements is SOP.
As for XP; the last time I checked nearly fifty percent (50%) of Windows OS users where still using XP. Why? Because XP is hands down the best all around OS Microsoft ever developed. Why haven't I upgraded? Because I'm Financially Handicapped and I not only need a new OS, but a new computer which I have not been able to afford up to this point. And when I can afford it (put enough money aside to pay cash for it) I will upgrade to "Windows 7", but will also keep XP; you can keep Windows 8 & 10. If I want a mobile OS I'll get a Smart Phone or Tablet. You guessed it; I do not own a mobile device. As such I want an OS for my computer, not a mobile OS that I can use on my computer. Nuff said. My Considered Opinion.

Yes, XP usage share dropped below 50% back in 2009.

Windows XP usage share was dropping 10% a year from 2007 (Windows Vista available) when it peaked at 80%. By early 2009 it was at 50% but then dropped 15% (Windows 7 available) so that year ended at 35%.

Usage share of operating systems graph


Lol, he did say "last time I checked". I guess he hasn't checked for quite awhile.

News flash for Weasel: It isn't all about you. It doesn't matter how great XP used to be. It hasn't been supported by Microsoft for 2 1/2 years. If you're going to continue to use an obsolete OS, the onus is on you to deal with it, not on everyone else to cater to your decision. And your financial circumstance doesn't change the discussion.