The Definitive Guide To Office 2010 Privacy And Security


In the digital age, we all need to look after our privacy and security.  Much of this extends mainly to online systems, but it's also important to understand the security features built into software.  If you're a user of Microsoft Office 2010, and especially Word, then a handy ebook from Microsoft is worth a browse.

"Security and Privacy for Office 2010 Users" covers all the security-related aspects of the suite, and how to use them to your advantage.  This includes everything from how to remove the revealing metadata in a document before you send it to someone else, to how to digitally sign a document, and how to protect a file with a password.  

If you use Office 2010, or if you advise friends, family and colleagues who do, then this is a handy reference to hang onto.  It's free, available as a PDF file, and you can get it from . Alternatively it's available in print form from various online resellers for $10.





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