This Dedicated Gmail Client Is Fantastic


Kiwi Gmail clientA lot of people use Gmail. I do, too. It's great, but having to access it via a web browser instead of a dedicated program can sometimes be inconvenient. Browsers take up lots of RAM, for example. And it's annoyingly easy to inadvertently close your mail when closing your browser, even if you didn't really mean to close the Gmail tab.

Plus, because you're accessing Gmail via a browser, there's no Gmail icon on your task bar. It's just another browser window or tab. So it's not easy to quickly flip between your email and another open program. 

Kiwi for Gmail is an email program designed solely for Gmail. It works like a normal Windows program rather than a web browser, but the experience is precisely the same. You will hardly know you're not using a browser. Plus, you don't need to configure Gmail settings for IMAP or POP in order to use it. Just log into Gmail via Kiwi in the normal way.

I've only been using Kiwi for a week or so, but I'm already a convert. It really is very good. And if you only need to link it to one Gmail account, rather than up to 6, then you can use it for free instead of paying the $9.99 annual fee.

Download Kiwi for Gmail at and it's a 62 MB file. It's malware-free according to VirusTotal, and a reputable site according to Web of Trust.

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You got me all excited.
HOWEVER I use XP for 90% of my computing, and I fail (getting the free program) on 2 counts -
1) We have to have W7 or newer
2) Their FAQ has this entry -
Do you offer a free version?
Kiwi for Gmail Lite is free and available in the Mac App Store. The Lite version of Kiwi for Gmail supports one Gmail account and lacks some key features, such as the Do Not Disturb switch, important-only notifications, keyboard shortcuts, and account themes.
Our Windows version offers a 30 day trial after which a purchase is needed to retain all features.

"It''s not easy being XP",

FYI, it got blocked by kaspersky when I tried to access it.

Whatever security software you use is of little use unless you understand how it operates. Check the user guide for Kaspersky and that will (should) explain why this was blocked. Alternatively, use one of the free security solutions that are just as effective and do not rely on "reputation scoring" to assess product safety. MC - Site Manager.

Thank you! A very useful recommendation.

POP Peeper, available at www.esumsoft (dot) com, is THE email aggregator. It works *perfectly* not only with unlimited GMail accounts but with every other POP or IMAP server out there; including Yahoo,, Hotmail and private domain servers.

Its feature-rich interface is well thought out and efficient and the program is constantly being developed by a very responsive and accessible.

I've used it for approximately 7 years and it is still one of the first installations on all my computers, despite my having looked at other "pretenders" since, including the disappointing, overly cutesy and obnoxious Mailbird.

POP Peeper, folks. Plain and simple.

This sounds nice but when I went to the site, it says the SW is just an email notifier? I thought it was able to replace looking at each separate mail product? It seems to notify me of new mail across products but thats it ?

No, it is WAY more than just a "notifier". Please, take the time to look more carefully and you will never again need to visit a web page to access your webmail (or any other email) accounts. I use it for approximately 25+ GMail, Outlook, Yahoo (and an even the old .MSN) email accounts, as well as all my own, private-domain accounts and even the RSS feeds I subscribe to, including GIZMO's. :)

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy TV commercial for a product to which I have no relationship other than as a very satisfied user, I say: "Give it a thorough look/see and you will not regret it".

I have been using this program for 2 days with one gmail account. I already have been notified that I will need to buy the program after this week if I intend to to continue using it. That's not fair. Bummer! And after I set it up just the way I like too.

I use Mailbird, for all my email accounts, and I am pleased with it.

Thunderbird does it very well for me.

Very nice program thanks and I prefer it to Thunderbird which may be finishing if the reports are correct.

That's fine if you only have a Gmail account : I have a personal non-Gmail account but also a Gmail account for a community group with which I'm involved. Therefore, for me, it has to be Thunderbird.

Although it has been stated that developnent of Thunderbird is not continued, updates are still being issued - the last only a couple of weeks (?) ago.

The excellent - and also free - Thunderbird email program can handle any number of Gmail accounts.