Crush Sweet Candies in this Very Popular Game


Candy Crush Saga iconCandy Crush SagaBejeweled was a famous match-three puzzle game developed by PopCap Games more than ten years ago. It's still available for play now on some platforms. Even more popular now is this new match-three puzzle game Candy Crush Saga released by King, which joins the growing list of technology companies seeking to go public as reported here.

Candy Crush Saga's gameplay is as simple as Bejeweled, just match three candies to clear them from the board. But this new game app has many more features than Bejeweled and is well integrated with the social power of Facebook.

In addition to the basic play of matching three candies at a time, you are rewarded with a striped bomb when you match four, a chocolate bomb when you match five in one straight line, or a packed bomb for matching five in an "L" or a "T" shape. Switching and matching these bombs give you incredible superpowers to crush more candies on the board.

As the weapons become more powerful, you will get puzzles in a variety of layouts that are more difficult to solve in higher levels. More candies are harder to crush as they are either encased in jelly or covered with more layers for you to unpack, and more demanding conditions are to be fulfiled, such as to clear all the jelly, bring down the ingredients, or achieve certain points within a few minutes or in a number of moves.

When starting off, the game gives you five chances to play. If you've failed five times, you will have to wait for the game timer to replenish your lives before you can play again. You can also ask your Facebook friends to give you lives for free through this app, or if you can't wait, you need to fork out real monies with in-app purchases for more lives and goodies.

This game has hundreds of levels divided into several episodes to conquer. It's easy to play, challenging and very addictive. It can take months to complete all levels, but why is there a hurry? Play it for fun and only when you want to kill time.


Candy Crush Saga — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 65 MB

For iPad and iPhone
Size: 46 MB


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ahhhh Candy Crush Saga making addicts out of housewifes :) I've restricted myself to one and one only game on my tablet because of my fear of becoming addicted , I used to play loads of them silly facebook games but I stopped because I wasting hours a day planting crops and feeding cows.

Bejeweled is here:

What I really dislike with candy crush is that on some levels you need random luck to win, and that on some others, if you don't buy, the bonuses it's a hell to win.