This Could Just Become My PC Troubleshooting Tool Of Choice


If you're a regular reader of these pages then you'll know that I love utilities which let you monitor the state of a PC.  You know the sort of thing: processor utilization, disk space, free RAM, and so on.  It's a great way to ensure that your PC is running smoothly, and it's also a useful method of troubleshooting a friend or colleague's PC if they're having unspecified problems with it.

As it happens, Windows has a perfectly good monitoring system built in.  It's called WMI, or Windows Management Instrumentation.  All the data you could ever want is recorded, so all you need is a program to interrogate the OS and display it.  Trouble is, the free tools (such as Perfmon, which is bundled with Windows) are difficult to use, and some of the more user-friendly tools are huge and complicated.

Which is why I was so pleased to stumble across something recently called Glint.  It's a program which displays real-time WMI data in a simple-to-understand format.  You can choose from bars or graphs, as you can see from the screen shots below.  You can choose from hundreds of WMI counters to display, and you can pick your own labels for each one if you don't like the defaults.  You can even monitor remote computers across your network.

Here's the best bit.  Glint is tiny (less than 0.5 MB), portable, and free.  And it works on everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 8, even though it's not been updated since 2010.  And according to VirusTotal it's malware-free too.  What more could you ask for?

Get yours from today.  And yes, I know the web site says it supports Windows up to version 7.  It definitely works on Win8 too, as I tried it.




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This might help the less experienced users like me to understand Glint.

Glint Video Review - Glint Video Trailer - Glint Screenshots -

...T400 W7 here , flawless... Thanks for this one Giz ! ...and all those who have problems with it, take a minute to read through the whole page, there are issues raised. this being said, good luck !!

Tried the program and it crashes each time I try to run it. So far no system information.

I first used this years ago when the pretty lights gave me more pleasure than what I understood about the data.:D I do remember having compatibility issues with the HIPS component in my firewall at that time though so maybe security software interference is still relevant. MC - Site Manager.

I have been using Glint for several years. Because it is portable it is on every computer I touch.

Wow, cool! Loaded up quick and easy and gives meaningful feedback, updating about every half second. Nice!

I have just added to my portable apps drive.

This is one of the geekiest of geek programs. Not a bad thing if you're a tech or programmer. But for the rest of us non tech folks, this is massive information overkill.

Alex did a nice programming job. I had no trouble loading it in Win 7 64 bit. It's just that the program provides far more information about your computer than you and most people will ever need, or understand.

If someone would sit down and write 3 or 4 practical examples of the use of the program, it might make it more desirable to have on the hard drive.

I can't even get it to load. The initial splash screen comes up, but after that there is nothing in the tray or in taskmaster. I am using Win 8 x64

I have just downloaded and run the software in Windows 8. Got no adverse system problems. It took almost no memory (3.8Mb) and CPU 0.7%. Can't think why there was a problem on a Win7 machine.

May be the nut behind the wheel, but when I loaded the program, it muted the computer's audio and I could not get the program's control panel to display, which made it sort of useless. Looked at it under Task Manager and was amazed to see it was eating about 50% of the computer's resources. I am running Win 7 Pro on a HP/Compaq 6000 Pro SFF PC with Total system memory 12.0 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor cores 2 and Total size of hard disk(s) 2329 GB Disk partition (C:) 863 GB Free (931 GB Total).