This Could Be My Favourite Screen Capture Tool Ever.


ShareX screen capture toolI'm a long-time user of Greenshot, which is a handy free screen capture tool for Windows. While the standard PrintScreen key option in Windows lets you grab the entire screen or the current window, Greenshot lets you capture any region you like. Well, as long as it's a square or rectangle of course.

I recently discovered another screen capture program which is way more powerful than Greenshot, and it's also free. ShareX lets you capture all or part of the screen, and you can even capture non-rectangular areas too. Plus, there are dozens of additional options such as being able to apply OCR to text in an image, and upload captured images to various picture-sharing sites. If you often find yourself needing to grab and save images, perhaps as part of a web-based research exercise, then this program will save you loads of time.

ShareX is free, and is a 5 MB download from The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal, and the download site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust.






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Tried it yesterday. Exceedingly encumbered with waaaay too many things to click just to capture a pic.

Both PicPic, free for personal use, and ScreenShotCaptor (SSC), donationware, can capture scrolling pages. Both struggle with complicated pages. *YMMV*. SSC gave me better results (the one time I tried them), but is harder to use, needing more user input. It even does a 'pre-scan' of the page to check things.

Yes it has the capability to capture scrolling window & webpage capture, and better still it can also record screen as a video/gif

I'm a long time user of [commercial product], but the ability to capture other than square or rectangle images is a bonus. Will gladly give ShareX a try.

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Why go to all this trouble? The *Snipping Tool* part of Windows since at least v7 can clip the entire screen or portions, as necessary. Admittedly it's more functional in Win10 than 7, but it's also part of the OS, so one may not need to go outside the OS if their needs are less. I've never found it necessary, and I use the tool a lot when I'm updating curriculum materials I need for classes I teach or when I need to explain something via email...I don't know if a picture is worth a thousand words, but it's certainly more helpful than words alone.......

I have found the main drawback to most screencapture utilities is the inability to capture consecutive shots to append to the prior one so as to create a mural-like oitput that can be save as a single file

Instead you have to capture them individually and then find a utility to attach/merge them

I wanted something like that too... an electronic corkboard so I could pin images in position, edit them, move them around and overlay them if required, then collapse everything into a single image.

You can record a gif using ShareX for the same. 

Thanks, worth a look. For just simple shots I still use Nov. 2011 v 2.7 of Ducklink. Works on Windows 10 x64 Pro w/ tiny footprint, size. Nothing fancy, basics to stretch/capture.

I love ShareX. Been using it on all my WIndows machines for a couple of years now. I especially love the way it uploads all captures to the places I choose online and gives me the short url in the clipboard, ready to paste elsewhere.

Have been using ShareX for years now, and never knew it could capture videos too. Found this on a comparison of Greenshot vs. ShareX here:

This ranks ShareX over Greenshot quite easily. Interestingly, ShareX uses the Greenshot editor for editing the captured image.

Definitely agree with crombierob that setting up some of the options on ShareX can be really frustrating. It's just not intuitive on that front.

ShareX is all that Greenshot is but better with more features & excellent usability. 

Thanks Rob
I had downloaded ShareX before, but you have reiterated what a nice program this is
I personally use the free program ScreenHunter, reviewed on TechSupportAlert, which only uses 17MB memory footprint

Regarding ShareX:
1)I particularly like the ability JUST to copy the image to the clipboard (some screenshot utilities insist on saving the image to the hard drive)

2)The text capture function (also known as "OCR"), is achieved with the setting: "After Capture Task / Recognise Text (OCR)", and works well
Very few free screenshot capture programs can perform OCR on text from the screen
This is handy when you have a scanned image, say from a photocopied document, or a textbook, and you want to copy/paste a certain section for use in a Word Processor document
This OCR function works very well, so makes ShareX a very impressive free utility

3)Excellent program layout/GUI, straightforward to use
4)The program has a portable version, which is always a great feature
5)Open source, with a long history of development and support, another great feature

A few drawbacks:
1)Has a larger memory footprint (at least 75MB) than more basic screenshot utilities, but given the large number of features, this is reasonable
2)Some of the functions did not work on my computer, for example : "Capture / webpage capture" didnt work properly
3)The program relies on NET Framework (relatively minor drawback)
- the best programs are completely independent
- I have found NET Framework dependent programs sometimes malfunction, insisting you install the latest version of NET Framework, often a large download (another reason to avoid NET Framework dependent utilities)
4)Presumably the portable version cant be used on a computer that doesnt have NET Framework

However the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. ShareX is a definite winner of a program. Thank you

Thanks again Rob.
I'am also a long-time user of Greenshot (may be it was your advise).
But, no doubt, I'm going to install ShareX and compare with Greenshot.

Surprised that you don't mention the free snipping tool which comes with Windows and works very well. Not sure why I'd need anything else!

Why would another software be mentioned on an article about a particular software. This isn't a review :).

If any of you are feeling depressed or suicidal, I would wait a few days before trying this.
For those that will never upload images, getting the settings right will be annoying

I use Greenshot also - almost every day. This tool, ShareX, looks awesome. I'm going to give it a try. Nice find! My only concern is the inevitable trade-off between functionality and ease of use. Greenshot is quick and dead easy. I'm curious to see how ShareX compares to Greenshot in that area.