The Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Twitter


Blue bird on a brown branch on a white backgroundTwitter can be a very confusing place whether you've been using the social media site for some time or you're brand new to Twitter. It's challenging enough to decide how to say what you want to say using just 140 characters, but figuring out all the @'s and who sees what is even harder. This handy guide called, aptly enough, "Mom This is How Twitter Works" tells you step by step, with plenty of illustrations, how to use Twitter. I don't have a Twitter account, but after reading this article at least I know how it works if I decide to join the Twitterverse. :)

How To Use Twitter


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Reading this and trying to make sense of it reinforces my decision to stay away from twitter and Instagram and other similar social services on the internet. The ONLY reason I keep a facebook page is for Double Down Casino slot games.

200k Tweets? Oh my stars that is more data than I can think of looking at a one time. If you figure out a shortcut let us know, I'm sure many people would find that termendously helpful. :)

About the header photo........I have no doubt your comment has been noted. :)
I take care of our Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr pages myself but not the Twitter feed.

The NY Times and several other news services I follow have about 200k tweats in their timelime and it's a bit surprising there isn't a shortcut to reach the start of the timeline for those people who like to do archival research.

That is makes sense that some people would want to start at the beginning. That's something I would use.

Twitter has it's own help section which provides answers to most of the general questions users would have. Getting answers directly from a Twitter staffer is not nearly as easy though. I'm still trying to discover if there is a shortcut for getting to the start of a timeline that has 200k tweats. Scrolling back for ten minutes makes no sense.
Note: I don't plan to follow Gizmo's until they at least make some effort to add a header photo.