Comodo Cleaning Essentials


Comodo Cleaning Essentials

A portable on-demand scanner employs heuristic and signature-based scanning to detect trojans, rootkits and other malware.


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Pros & Cons:

Doesn't require installing - just run CCE.exe, easy to use because of good GUI and has excellent online help.
Might cause CPU issues on certain systems.

Our Review:

Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) contains an on-demand scanner and is portable ie it can run from a USB stick, or a CD/DVD and doesn’t install itself on your hard drive. It employs both heuristic and signature-based scanning and can detect trojans, rootkits and other forms of malware.

I prefer to run CCE. exe from a shortcut on my desktop, but whichever method you choose will work fine.

There are 3 scanning modes in CCE:

  • Smart* – performs a quick scan of critical areas of your PC eg the registry and boot sectors etc
  • Full – a complete scan of all areas of your system
  • Custom – individual files, folders and drives can be added for scanning. Dragging and dropping can also be employed if preferred.

The GUI is very clean and straightforward and during a scan there is a rotating green dial that appears and resembles a radar screen. In the midst of a scan, any malware that is detected can either be cleaned/quarantined, or reported as a false positive to Comodo, or simply ignored if you are fully confident that it is benign.

There is an excellent online help section that can be launched from within the software and is also available here:

Anybody requiring further help can also take a look at the forums:

One thing I should draw your attention to is that my CPU temperature rose from 38⁰C to a peak of 58⁰C when scanning my system. Even though an increase in CPU usage, and therefore temperature, is perfectly normal when running security scanning software, some users might find the aforementioned increases rather alarming; you have been warned!

Under Options you’ll find plenty of choices to tweak CCE. Other features include MBR scanner, Virus scanner, CAMAS - Comodo Automated Malware Analysis System (hence the acronym!) and Settings.

From within the Tools section you can access Quarantined Items, Manage Trusted Vendors (whitelist), Import Virus Database, Browse Logs and Check for Updates (manually).

(Also included in CCE are KillSwitch and Autorun Analyzer and both are beyond the remit of this review: suffice to say that the former is similar to the Task Manager in Windows and the latter shows programs and services which run on start-up.)

*Smart scan took just 1m 24secs and when it reached 100% it stated, Your computer will now be restarted in order to scan for hidden services. For more info on hidden services please click on the following link:

In conclusion, CCE has become a welcome addition to my security toolkit and, aside from the aforementioned CPU issues, I recommend folks to at least give it a try. After all, you don’t even need to install the application!

Comodo Cleaning Essentials was reviewed by on based on version 1.6.183539.73.