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Since its debut as a standalone desktop app two years back after initial release of its mobile apps, Bitwarden has gained user traction and now become our top pick of Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager.

Unlike Lastpass, Bitwarden is open source, offers more compatibility and features, and supports more platforms with various apps available including Windows, Mac and Linux desktop applications, web browser extensions or addons, and iOS and Android mobile apps.

This great password manager has been reviewed by our editor Rhiannon in one of her Tech Treats Bitwarden - All the password management you need! It has also been rated as “one of the best password managers out there” by our editor George in his latest review of this product.

If you have been using Lastpass as your password manager and wish to migrate to Bitwarden, here is a quick guide to import your data from LastPass.

Worried about keeping your passwords in the cloud? You can rest assured that no one from the Bitwarden team is able to read your passwords as they are fully encrypted and/or hashed by the app before they leave your local device.

See also KeePass. It is also open source but keeps your passwords locally without depending on a cloud service. KeePass runs on Windows and has been ported to many other platforms.





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Open source password manager. Yeah, I want any Tom, Dick and Harry to code my password manager.

I am using Dashlane. Is Bitwarden better?

Dashlane is limited to 50 passwords with other restrictions in a free plan. Bitwarden has fewer restrictions, at least for the time being.

Bluntly, LastPass is on its last breath. It has not functioned properly for years and there are no responses to multiple requests to customer support.

I have been using Bitwarden for a few years now and have had no problems.

Best of the bunch, IMHO.

I started with KeePass, then LastPass. Over a year ago I moved to Bitwarden and have not looked back. Excellent in all ways. I have it configured so that it does not autofill the passwords or forms, but requires an extra click to fill them. This adds an extra layer of security. It works very well for me and I recommend it to others all the time. Steve Gibson, ( one of the world's top computer experts endorses LastPass in a blog, and BitWarden uses the same type of technology where your passwords never leave your computer or phone without first being totally encrypted.