This Brilliant File Security Product Is Now Free


File Access Monitor, from SoftPerfect, is a really handy utility that helps you keep an eye on important files on your computer. Each time a file is created, changed or deleted, the details get logged to a database. It records what type of change was made, and who made it. So if multiple people use your computer, or if you look after a Windows-based server and you're responsible for the security, this is a really useful tool. Just browse the database and search for the file you're interested in, to see what's been happening to it.



File Access Monitor was previously a paid-for product but, as of this month, it is now freeware. You'll find it at and it's a 4 MB download. It's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. My thanks to Panzer for telling me about this.


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This is nothing to do with your broadband or even your network connection.

If you are monitoring your current computer then you should be using localhost (which is the equivalent of

You only need to enter another computer's IP address if you want to monitor that computer from the computer you are using. As the online manual says:

If you installed the service on another computer, enter its IP address or name to access it.

You only need to have a password on the other computer you are monitoring if you want to ensure that the information is not available to any other user on your network.


P.S. Thanks Rob & Panzer. This is a useful tool.

Thanks, Remah. It worked - entering 127..0.0.1 as 'localhost', without password.
The program opens. Now I have another problem - I don't see any way to restart the program (after having closed it). In the Start search box there is no link to File Access Monitor, and no icon on the desktop, etc.
I can restart the program by running the setup file again but that doesn't seem like the right way.
Thanks for any help.

I have problems with connecting. In the place of localhost I put my IP address (as indicated in the help) and a newly invented password (I am not aware that my connection has a password - it's a broadband connection, not wifi. I have also tried without password - but it gives an error message anyway. By the way, why is it necessary to connect if the program only monitors files on the computer?
Any help will be appreciated.

It appears on your start menu as "Management Console" under the "SoftPerfect File Access Monitor" folder.

On my system File Access Monitor has two components. The connection is between the front-end GUI and the back-end collector:

  • SoftPerfect File Access Monitor Core (32-bit) is a background process to collect the data.
  • SoftPerfect File Access Monitor GUI (64-bit) is an application to present the data.

They appeared as separate components in the install program and were both checked for installation. It is possible to install them separately on different comptuers. You could install the Core module (without the GUI) on a server and then install the GUI application (without Core) on your desktop computer you are using to monitor the server.

By the way, I just noticed that this software is no longer being developed which is a large negative in my opinion. The download page says:

File Access Monitor is now a legacy product: it is no longer developed or updated, but you can download and use the last available version. No support is provided for retired products.

Yes, of course! Thank you! Problem solved!