The Best Screenshot Program For Map Captures


The other day, I wrote here about how I was managing to capture large-scale maps as PC image files, by panning my web browser in Bing Maps and then taking a screenshot each time. I then stitched together those images to make one enormous printable file, using a program called Auto Stitch.

Check out the article via if you want to know more.

To assist in my quest for the easiest way of producing giant maps, I've recently changed my screen capture program. I was previously using Greenshot, but I recently switched to PicPick. You'll find it mentioned at if you want to read all about it.

PicPick scores for me because it allows me to set things up just as I want them. I can define an area of the screen that corresponds to the Bing Maps display area, minus the menus and other assorted boxes that I don't want. And then, with the press of a single hot key, I can capture that area of the screen and save the resulting image file as a JPG image into the folder of my choosing. All ready for Auto Stitch to start working on.

If you've not tried out PicPick, give it a shot.

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Great find. I had know idea this program had come so far. I was using Greenshot, but found it a pain and buggy. PicPic is simple for what i want and works. Thanks.

In all the articles on this site, I kept singing the praises of picpick, with limited response.
I wish the detractors (aka those that kept raising the inferior programs) would have compared and stated why their choice was better.