The Best Places to View the August 2017 Solar Eclipse Online


EclipseIf you can't view the upcoming eclipse because you don't live in its path or the weather that day won't cooperate, you can still view the solar eclipse online, no special glasses required.

There are several sites live streaming the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse on the internet. Here's a roundup of the best sites to catch the solar eclipse online. Several of the sites have countdown timers as well as plenty of additional information. I've put the live streaming links at top and links with more information (if not in the same URL) in the body of the description of each site.

NASA Eclipse 2017 Live
There will be plenty of coverage before, during and after the eclipse. NASA will be capturing the eclipse from 11 spacecraft, three or more NASA aircraft, 50 high altitude and from the ISS (International Space Station). The above link is to the NASA live viewing page. There's more information about the eclipse including a countdown timer, eclipse weather,  a printable pinhole projector for those in the viewing path and more, visit NASA's Eclipse 2017 website. NASA has viewing apps for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Fire TV. and Apple TV. Additional information and links to live feeds at places like UStream, NASA TV and YouTube are listed at this JPL website. If you'll be in Times Square in New York City, NY you can see coverage on the Toshiba Vision screen.

Exploratorium will be filming the Eclipse from two separate locations (Oregon and Wyoming) in partnership with NASA. If you like music with your eclipse, the Kronos Quartet will supply an auditory work of art. If you'd rather watch the eclipse on your mobile device, they have an Android and iOS app you can download.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel will provide high resolution and aerial drone coverage from their network of storm trackers. There will be streaming content on Twitter as well as their website, along with updates from viewing parties. There will also be local coverage from partners along the eclipse path: Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina. Live coverage begins at 6 a.m. EDT and will continue throughout the day.
Slooh, whose robotic telescopes power a global community, is sharing their live footage for free from multiple locations. You can join Slooh's coverage and events but free registration is required. Slooh is partnering with Univision to provide a simulcast in Spanish. Slooh will have a 3 day long festival and live coverage of the eclipse from Stanley, Idaho. A team of feed partners will showcase full color live views of the Sun as it is engulfed in darkness.
Watch the Great American Eclipse in 4K. A high-resolution 4K livestream of the eclipse will be shown from Denver, Colorado if the weather allows. Colorado will not see a total eclipse, it will be at 92 percent partial eclipse at maximum coverage in Denver. Details are here, the live stream with countdown timer is the link above.

High Altitude Balloon Project
55 launch teams, in cooperation with NASA, will be launching around 100 high altitude balloons along the viewing area that will be equipped with cameras to view the eclipse. The Eclipse Ballooning Project consists of 55 teams of students at universities, high schools and high altitude ballooning groups from around the country. Details here.

Some of the USA television networks that have planned coverage are CBS (details this link), ABC and CNN. Coverage times and specials will vary, so check the channels for details.
Note: some of the television links broadcast daily content, eclipse content won't be live until August 21, 2017

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Good article. Watching video of a total eclipse is a bit like watching a bowling strike in that they all pretty much look the same. I'm actually more interested in the total eclipse that will happen in 2024. The track of that one will pass almost directly over Niagara Falls which would provide a fantastic background for photographers.

Over Niagara Falls? That would be amazing to see.