The Best Gmail Pop-Up Notifier I've Seen Recently


Gmail notifier imageAs a user of Google's gmail service, I like to know when a new message arrives. In the past, Google produced a native Windows program called the Notifier, which continually checked your incoming messages and popped up an icon on your screen when a new mail arrived. However, this program was discontinued a while ago and the third party replacements aren't quite as good.

I recently discovered that the Chrome browser has a feature which I'd never come across before. A browser extension can be configured to run in background mode. This means that it runs on your PC, and has an icon on the status bar, even when Chrome itself is closed. And a great indicator of just how useful this feature can be is a background extension called Checker Plus.

Checker Plus can be found at if you would like to try it. Once you tick the box which enables it to run in the background, you now have a top-class Gmail notifier, implemented as a background extension that doesn't require any other software to be installed. So you will no longer need to keep opening a browser in order to find out whether new mail has arrived.

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