The best free Web Browser for Android


The top 9 Web browsers for Android mobile

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is my favourite PC search engine so I had high expectations for the Android version. On steady connection the search engine works quickly but doesn’t load pages to the speed expected, instead it takes a while to load especially the pictures. The app has many features which are both useful and a pest for instance, you can open other tabs however you need to shut them manually or they’ll stay open even if you shut the app. Another handy feature is you can swipe to work as an alt+Tab for the web pages open however this again can get annoying, if the web page is a PC website and you move the view left or right to see it all, you swipe onto the other web page tab. Another feature which is rather useless for many is you can view your history and bookmarks on your PC and transfer them over to your mobile.

When you click ‘new tab’ it will take you to a personal homepage which contains your history and bookmarks. There are also icons on the homepage which allow you to navigate easily around the app homepage.

Overall the app searches extremely quickly but unfortunately loads web pages rather slowly, the features although useful needs tweaking.

My rating: 4

Rating according to the Play store: 4



Firefox’s homepage looks professional as soon as you open it, there is a feature on it where you can personalise it with add-ons accustomed to you and all your bookmarks. It again has the pointless feature where you can add bookmarks from another device.

The search engine is pretty slow and loading pages is painfully slow. The layout is prettier to look at than Google Chrome but it’s far less capable than Chrome. There are no features on the app other than creating new tabs which make the app seem useless.

Overall the app is slow and has no significant features. Firefox is a bad search engine for Android mobile.

Rating: 2

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 1


Opera Mini:

I have high hopes for Opera mini as I open the app and discover the speed dial, it is elegant and simple. It has thumbnails which are useful to any user, Amazon, Wiki, BBC news, Games and so on; you can also add or delete thumbnails so it’s more suited to you. However I don’t like the Home page, it seems pointless compared to the Speed dial however I do like the ‘my news’ feature which shows news from websites you’ve viewed.

The search is fast and loading again was fast which and even going back a page was fast which makes the app perfect. Adding tabs is easy and when the icon is clicked it doesn’t take you away from the page you’re browsing in which my opinion is fantastic.

Overall I love this app and the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because of the homepage, but other than that I absolutely love it.

My rating: 4.5

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 2


UC browser

As I click the app I’m disheartened, it takes a while to load and then you have to agree to terms and conditions... so I exited, but then gave it another chance and it took me straight to a basic looking homepage which has small thumbnails with common websites such as Facebook and Gmail which is rather handy if you want a quick link. It also has drop downs which include mobile sites- a list of everyday sites people visit on mobile, news- self-explanatory and other useful categorized lists.

It’s not great with fetching results nor loading but when it loads a website it loads in one instead of text, then photo etc.

It, like opera has the ‘add tab’ feature which allows the user to see the web page they’re using, but there’s more, you can close tabs by swiping up, or create new ones by swiping down and like Chrome you can switch tabs by swiping left or right. However the functions don’t really seem to work. There are other features which are useful to Smartphone users, there is a QR code scanner and a button called speed mode which speeds up the search which when turned on is slightly better than Opera. You can even change the theme of it which adds that sentimental touch.

Overall I think this app has many wonderful features but the swipe function lets it down and having to actually turn on ‘speed mode’ instead of it being default drags down the ratings.

My rating: 4

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 3


Dolphin browser

I straight away get annoyed with it, its start up is rather juvenile and pointless the home screen contains two day-to-day websites and is rather mundane. You can change the look but when put on full screen it makes it much harder to navigate your way around it, you can change the theme but you first have to download themes which takes time.

I do like the tab system; it’s pretty much like being on a computer, meaning the tabs are along the top. It’s slow to gather results and loading the web pages isn’t any better making the app for me wonder ‘Why is this number 4 in the DL charts for Web browser?’

There are no distinguishable features other than the tab system so overall I dislike the app’s layout and speed.

My rating: 3

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 4


Maxthon Mobile:

Maxthon Mobile is more for newspaper readers’ so if like me you read a newspaper (for me it’s the i) then you’ll love this web browser, it’s homepage (default) has six icons, all news related. But you can also add your own icons. There is a quick asses bit as well which mainly contains news, traffic and social networks. The web browser seems to be aimed at the older community as opposed to something like Google which is far less more formal.

It loads at a medium speed and web pages are loaded rather slowly and it’s quite disappointing considering the web browser seems to be quite useful... until you load a page.

There are no significant features other than you can save a URL you looked up on your phone onto your desktop which makes more sense than the previous apps which put the desktop bookmarks onto your phone.

Overall the app does seem handy for those who follow the news and aren’t too fussed about the speed.

My rating: 4

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 5


Puffin Web Browser (free):

I can’t say I enjoyed this app, it says it’s free but in reality it’s more of a trail app. You only get 12 flash days unless you recommend it to your friends who then download it and then you get an extra four weeks of Flash time.

What this app does is view the web pages in desktop view but smaller. They give you a mouse pointer which you control via touchpad and although this is rather entertaining at first it grows rather tedious, it’s slow and unreliable. It also a game controller which is rather pointless and a keyboard which again is pointless because it automatically comes up with the phone keyboard when you click onto a search bar.

Despite its many flaws it loads and searches quickly but overall I am rather disappointed with this app and find it abysmal.

My rating: 2.5

Rating according to the Play store: 4.5

Download chart number: 6


Skyfire Web Browser 5.0:

This is another bad review I’m afraid, there is no homepage and along the bottom are pointless icons, mainly all social networks. It’s slow just to navigate around the app before you’ve even started to search. And when you do search it can’t even display the web page, the app is so dreadful it makes me laugh aloud to myself.

There is again no features because there is no search or browsing, I really am in hysterics because it’s been released like this, overall I hate this app and if you come across it and you don’t believe me, see for yourself

My rating: 1

Rating according to the Play store: 3.5

Download chart number: 10


Slepnir Mobile- Web Browser:

The homepage is rather boring as you click onto the app; it’s just grey everywhere with three default thumbnails which are all about Slepnir. There is a search bar which when clicked takes you to a page which is a search bar... other words the search bar on the homepage is completely pointless.

It searches quickly but takes forever to load a page the tab bar is tedious you can add tabs on it but to delete the tabs you have to hold the tab thumbnail and close it manually which takes more time than necessary.

Overall because of its lacking features it just seems pointless to download and the speed doesn’t help.

My rating: 3

Rating according to the Play store: 4

Download chart number: 12


The top 3:

1. Opera Mini

2. Google Chrome

3. Maxthon mobile


The 3 to stay away from:

1. Skyfire

2. Firefox

3. Puffin web browser (free)


Search engines tested on Huawei Ascend P2 Footnote: The reason there is gaps between the ‘download chart number’ are for these reasons:

(i) Ones in-between are for Tablet

(ii) Ones in-between are paid-for apps

(iii) Ones in-between are private web browsers

-TaylsTheNerd (A.K.A Trey)

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