The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used


There are numerous software products to simply capture a screenshot. But how about a program that lets you screenshot, edit, upload and share instantaneously in a highly configurable environment? ShareX is an open-source advanced screencapture tool, with a very extensive feature list that does this.


The program doesn't just grab individual windows and a full screen, for example. You can also capture rectangles, ellipses, triangles, diamonds, polygons or freehand shapes. You can also perform screencasts or record screens including sound and output them as FFmpeg or animated GIF's. Capturing screenshots is much easier and exact because ShareX provides you with a Magnifier Glass that lets you see and capture every pixel distinctly. An automatic image capturing mode can be enabled where you can specify the repeat time, select a region or full screen.

Editing and Toolset

There are plenty of post-processing tasks one may perform. You can crop, resize or rotate it; annotate it with lines, arrows, shapes, textboxes and more; obscure confidential details with the obfuscator; customize it with a watermark, add captions or apply special effects, including borders, shadows, torn edges and more. 

ShareX also includes various tools like a Screen color picker, a Ruler, an FTP client, a Hash checker, Index folder contents, Image editor, Image effects with 37 different effects, Monitor test, DNS change and QR codes.

Uploading and Share

This one's a treat provided by ShareX. After every capture and post-processing tasks, you can instantaneously upload and share them. You can set any one of the 30 different image/text/file upload sites as default. These include Imgur, Pastebin, Dropbox, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, RapidShare, Google Drive and more. Once the pictures are uploaded, you can use a URL shortener, post the link to a social networking platform (Twitter), send it via email, as well as copy it to the Clipboard.   


Multiple workflows with hotkey specific settings can be used to aid you through numerous tasks in a simple and effective manner. The numerous screenshot options, extensive customization capability and instantaneous uploading and sharing features, make ShareX a program to watch out for. 





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Just tried Sharex but prefer PicPic still. Pic does a better job of editing after capture and navigation and interface are easier to use. sharex does have a ton of features most of which I will never use making it a bit confusing. Do like the circle, triangle, diamond shape captures though but again don't use those often. Video capture is nice too but without the ability to add my own narration I must turn to other apps for that.

Wow! For a moment there I thought I'd found a replacement for PicPick, but no.
ShareX... I can't print from the 'annotate' (edit) window. What are you thinking??
How the heck do I print an image after I've edited it without saving it then printing from another program? Hoo, boy. Add a 'print' feature and you've got a winner.

Print image setting is here:
So after press "Save & close" button in annotate window it will open Print dialog automatically.
Also you can set separate hotkey for this task like this:
And print settings in here:
Are these not what you want?

Jaex (ShareX developer)

Edit: Now I added Print image button to annotate window too:

Hello, Jaex.

Great work! Adding the 'print' button is a great help. Now, who needs PicPick? ;-)

I have downloaded the latest version but your print button is not present. Can you please advise when this version will be available?

In ShareX IRC channel (you can find web chat link in title I put link to beta version if you wanna try it before release.

I prefer it more that PicPick. Keeping PicPick for auto-scrolling feature though.
Thanks for the info!

I reckon FastStone Capture is hard to beat. Earlier versions, but not the most recent, are free. It is lightweight, versatile and user-friendly, and there is a portable version. No adware or other unwelcome extras.

+1 It's a little gem.

I like MWSnap. It is a very small program and allows you to draw a rectangle around whatever you want to screen print. It was made for Win XP but it works fine for me in Win 7. It is Free at:

This has become common for any screenshot app these days, and ShareX does this well too :D

As usual there is very little info on how to use this "PROGRAM". I guess everyone has to be a nerd to
or use ESP!

Mainly default settings enough for majority of users, who want to just share screenshots using Imgur. So you can just press Ctrl + Printscreen and URL will be in your clipboard. And mainly you just need to change "After capture tasks" for be able to annotate image or disable uploading etc. I can't write full manual because my english not good enough. But if I'm online then you can quickly get support to any questions you have in IRC or you can use website contact form and mainly I answer them instantly if I'm online and available. I don't know what is ESP.

Jaex (ShareX developer)

I like ScreenShotCaptor better -- maybe just because I've been using it for a few years, now, but it does most or all of this stuff, comes in a portable flavour too, and has terrific support from the nice guys at DonationCoder.

does this or any other free screenshot tools work in the native Windows 8 full screen "app" environment?

Thanks looks quite useful. Saving the comments ones too.

Can it capture scrolling screen which PicPic can do? I did not find it. thanks.

Sorry, I can't manage to add scrolling capture to ShareX. Because even if I add it, it would be unstable like majority of scroll capture apps. I use screen recording for such things because FFmpeg compressing it very good anyway.

Thank you, Jaex for developing such wonderful app. I've tried out screen recording and it works just perfect to replace the scrolling capture. Good job!

Thanks for your involvement in the article Jaex. I think the screenrecording feature in ShareX is useful enough for capturing scrolling screens.

I forget to tell there is one more method which involving using "Watch folder" feature + browser extension for be able to capture web pages. How it gonna work is browser extension can capture full page and save it as image file and ShareX can watch that folder where this extension saving its images and automatically upload it. That way capturing long web pages is possible.

Another workaround:

Jaex (ShareX developer)

Awesome tool, thank you!

I prefer to use Greenshot (which is actually incorporated into ShareX). YMMV, but I find ShareX is overkill.

ShareX have too much settings because I wanted to give most customizability as possible to users. Because there is so many screen capture apps but none of them allow to use it how users want it to be. But having that much settings not big deal for many people because already default settings + changing "After capture tasks" enough for majority of people.

Jaex (ShareX developer)

I agree, ever since I started using "Greenshot" I never looked back.

It looks a good tool with all of it's facilities.

I used to use PicPick for capture but it's scrolling window capture could be rather frustrating at times.

Which I would imagine might be where some may be put off because scrolling window capture is a very useful addition.

However, this has enough about it to make me want to try it out, so thanks George.

Having a github shows a great willingness for other to participate in development too.

The best free screen-grabber I have used is "PicPick." It includes an image editor, color picker, color palette, magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor, cross hair, and whiteboard.

Thank you. ShareX has all these features minus the adware that PicPick is bundled with :D Additionally ShareX also allows you to take screenshots in various different shapes, and also performs background uploading of screenshots to your favorite hosting site after grabbing the screen.
PicPick is the top pick (no pun intended) in Best Free All-in-one Design Tools.