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Does anybody remember Johnny Castaway? ScreenAntics, the screen saver about poor Johnny on his island was the first cool screen saver that you would wanna watch for hours just to know what happens next. It was never really reached by any other, but what many don't know, you can still get it, adjusted for our modern Windows systems but still presenting the old look and feel.

I like screen savers as long as they are cool and free of course. Unfortunately there are thousands out there and finding the right sources that don't list all the crappy ones are hard to find. One good address was MVR 3D - they provided the best Matrix screen saver ever - but I just noticed that they closed their website.

Well, while browsing for a good new screen saver again the other day I found a great compliation of the best free savers as Smashing Magazine sees it (see link below). And I must say they put together a real great collection half of which is already residing on my hard drive. In the Internet age those savers that also present information from the net right on your idle screen became more and more popular. The collection here lists a few that do this smart and beautiful, like the screen shot of MappedUp that you see on the right.

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Hi George. I have looked everywhere but cannot find the URL to download the modern version of Johnny Castaway. What am I missing?

There are some links listed here that are still working. As with all downloads, ensure to scan with your antivirus software before installing as some downloads might contain unwanted or malicious material. The first two links both scan clean with Dr.Web which is a very useful extension to install in your browser. See also our download information page here: MC - Site Manager.