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Many free online PC games are available at various sites on the internet, but most of them are usually full of advertisements and might not be the best. If you're looking for a page full of online PC games that are best and free with least advertisements, or games that are allowed to play full-screen, then check this out.


FrivFriv is my top recommendation. Upon visiting the site, you'll be greeted with a full-screen of tiny screen shots for more than 250 free online PC games! All kinds of popular games and they are of various genres.

Friv operates on a system of 'one in one out'—whenever a new game is added, it replaces the least popular one in the existing selection, so you will have the most popular ones in hand from time to time, just in one place.

All games are online, you do not need to install any game software onto your PC. All you need is a PC with high speed internet connection, pick a tiny screen shot and play a game. It's simple and intuitive.

Netpotion GamezNetpotion Gamez is a good alternative game site with minimum advertisements. It features 36 tiny screen shots in each page from a library of more than 800 free online games. A click on each tiny screen shot brings you to the game selected.

Top 10 hottest games and top 10 highest rated games are highlighted at Netpotion, which also categories the games into various genres such as action, adventure, board game, driving, fighting, puzzles, shooting, sports, etc. A search box is available for you to check if a particular game is included in the library.

Some best games featured at Friv or Netpotion are also available to some other websites, such as Game Pear or GameTop, which have a choice of playing the games full-screen.

Some of the good games that I have played at Friv and liked the most are listed here. The full-screen games that I have tried and consider as my favorite are listed here. You might want to zoom in and give it a try.

Favored Games at Friv

Mouse over the tiny screen shots below to help identify their locations by column (left to right) and row (top to bottom) at Friv's home page (subject to updates).

Puzzle FreakPuzzle Freak Take turns to throw a dice and solve a puzzle selected from a range of 14 types. The faster you solve it, the higher IQ points you get.
Fresh Chess 3Fresh Chess 3 Play chess in a vivid 3D design. Features include undo move, save and load played games, etc.
ContourContour Click on any tile to create a slope and let the ball roll into the goal, test your skills and patience.
BloonsBloons Pop as many balloons as you can with darts, click and hold to gain more power of your throw, and get to the next more challenging level. Enjoy all 50 levels of Bloons Game!
Spin The Black CircleSpin The Black Circle Spin the wheel with the left and right keys, lead the ball to the portal by gravity, but avoid the spikes! This is the game of high skills.
Diesel And DeathDiesel And Death An exciting bike racing game, easy to play and control but may be hard to win. Get your race score and report after each round of competition.
ShuffleDeluxe Pool Aim, drag and release the cue to sink all colored balls in the correct order. An elegant billiards or snooker game for 1 or 2 players.
ShuffleShuffle A mini billiards, but with some variants. Clear the opponent's balls from the table before yours are cleared.
Black Beard's IslandBlack Beard's Island Fire cannonballs to match 3 same colors and explode them off before they roll to the end. An exciting match-3 game with many challenging levels.
Stop DisastersStop Disasters Tsunami strikes! But before this happens, build more defences within a budget to minimise losses and damages. How good are your works? View the scene and report after the disasters happen.
MysteriezMysteriez Find the numbers that are all over the places within a time limit. Test your eye sharpness!
Globe GameGlobe Game Find a country on the world map. Too easy? How about identify a national flag or a location?
GenGen Need some slow but steady skills. Guide the smaller spheres to the main sphere and make sure they stay away from peril.
GenPlumber 2 Make a pipeline by connecting pieces and let water flow from the tap to the overflow pipe. Every next stage is harder, 25 stages to go!
Favored Full-Screen Games

Click on the tiny screen shots or game titles below to play full-screen games featured on the websites such as Game Pear, GameTop, etc. Some games are available for download to play off-line.

Silver SphereSilver Sphere
1.2MB Download
Move the silver sphere to enter the blue vortex within a time limit, but never fall into the water or run into gold spheres. Jump to a higher level if you have learned the password for it. A well-designed game.
2.1MB Download
Flip the block sideways or end-over-end through the floor tiles and slide it through a square hole at the end of each level. Quite similar to Silver Sphere, but in different perspective.
Black JackBlack Jack A good game of blackjack, paying 3 to 2, or 2 to 1 if placed with insurance. The dealer must hit soft 17. Good luck to you.
The Great MahjongThe Great Mahjong Select two identical tiles to remove them and clear all tiles to advance to new levels, complete with a choice of various layouts and solutions.
Mahjong2Mahjong2 Win a round by creating a traditional mahjong hand which consists of several sets of tiles and a pair. A set has 3 or 4 identical tiles, or 3 tiles in sequence, and a pair has 2 identical tiles.
BloxorzHexxagon Move your chip to the adjacent space to multiply your chips or turn your opponent's chips into yours. You win if you have more chips when the board is filled, similar to Reversi but different gameplay.
Pac XonPac Xon Capture the harmful ghosts by building walls around them, and fill more than 75% of empty space to progress to the next level. A simple but addictive Pacman game.
SkyBallSkyBall Pick up various power-ups to make your task easier and break all bricks to proceed to the next level of this interesting breakout game.
ArcanoidArcanoid Move the space vessel left or right and press the spacebar to bounce the ball and clear the bricks. More than 20 sets to go with five skill levels.
Mars BuggyMars Buggy On a mission to explore Mars, ride through the rough surface and save astronauts, but don't crash your buggy. Balancing is the skill.
TankTank Settle the War of the Tanks by taking on the remaining rebels and crushing them. A fascinating shooting game.
Qwerty WarriorsQwerty Warriors Type as fast as you can to survive! A good exercise to improve your typing skills while having fun.
Highway MadnessHighway Madness Drive on the highway with heavy traffic, avoid colliding and deliver goods on time. Collect bonuses and buy new better cars of higher speed and handling.
I Love TrafficI Love Traffic Turn the light green or red to direct traffic, avoid backing up traffic too much or causing an accident. Can you manage heavier traffic at higher levels?
Drift RunnersDrift Runners Race around and turn sharply at speed to drift, smash objects to get points, unlock the next track and finish the race. An interesting car racing game.
Bowmaster PreludeBowmaster Prelude Defend your kingdom by eliminating your enemy troops or capturing the enemy flag before they do the same to you. Get your bow fingers ready for this adventure game which requires precision.
Tower BlasterTower Blaster
249KB Download
Swap numbered blocks with your opponent's so that you can build a tower by placing the blocks in numerical order. Finish your tower before your opponent does. A good educational game.
Draw Play 2Draw Play 2
1.44MB Download
Draw a terrain and move your guy to get the flag, avoiding all static and moving spikes. A strategy game to hone your skills and minds.
Roly-Poly Cannon 2Roly-Poly Cannon 2 Aim with your trusty cannon and get rid of Roly-Poly bugs settled down at every hidden corner in the area. 30 levels to go!
RParking ManiaParking Mania Use the arrow keys to control and park the car at the parking space. Don't crash the car but break the record for the highest scores.
Global RescueGlobal Rescue Wipe out enemy defence systems by firing and rescue hostages by lowering a winch from a helicopter. Have a feel in the war zone with this challenging game.
Rome PuzzleRome Puzzle
1.9MB Download
Collect resources to build the City, the faster the more chances you have to get to Olympus at the end of the game. A fascinating match-3 game which can engage you for hours.
WonderputtWonderputt Position your mouse pointer at around the ball, select an angle and choose the strength of your shot, then press the mouse button to putt. A creative golf game with animation, sound and music. (Review)
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