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Ringtones that come with your phone are limited and may not suit your ears. If you like more choices, you can easily make ones for your own by using a ringtone maker like Ringdroid.

If that sounds cumbersome, alternatively you can get ringtones from the community who have already made beautiful ringtones and uploaded to for sharing.

I've just got one of the popular ringtones named New iPhone 6 Remix which sounds great to me like below.



If you want more of this, head to the website with a web browser; or for ease of use, install the app Zedge, with that you can download more ringtones and wallpapers to your mobile.

Most features are supported on the Android platform but you will get less on Windows, iPad and iPhone devices for the time being.




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Not relevant here - but please pass on to adjudicator of Android Apps or best advice for weekly. I've just got rid of 2 huge apps - Yahoo and Facebook Apps both 1.3Gb - they slowed my phone and crashed other apps. The old Browser access is faster - looks great and works just as well. I also have loads of space for other Apps - (I don't use Messenger though) (My phone has plenty of space but is a 8gb with Octacore 1.7s so should be OK) :)

I use different ringtones for Voice calls for different (critical) people.
on my Contacts List. I also use different sounds for Notifications from specific people.
Although a bit longwinded I select specific music -songs or instrumentals and use Audacity to truncate them
to a suitable length e.g. 10 seconds for my phone.
I find this way gives me great audible recognition when the phone sounds..