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There are plenty of antivirus products on the web and you might have your own favorites. Earlier this year, 360 Security came from nowhere to beat most of the top rated antivirus products that's been there for a long time now. The product has been getting rave reviews from all quarters by independent labs and users alike. 

It has achieved Advanced+ awards for Real-time protection, Performance and File detection tests at AV-Comparitives. At AV-Test it has secured the perfect 6/6 for Usability and Performance and 5.5/6 for Protection in the Total Scores

For Windows PC's users, Qihoo has provided 360 Internet Security and 360 Total Security, and is also available for Mac's and Android. We will look into the Total Security version in this review. 

Start Tab

Provides you with a one click examine button for Speedup, Cleanup, Virus scan and Wifi security checks.

Virus Scan

360TS has integrated 5 antivirus engines in one, the Cloud Scan engine, QVMII engine and System Repair engine all by Qihoo which are all present after product installation. The default engines work well if you are always connected online. Avira and BitDefender engines aren't enabled by default, simply hover on the their respective icons and clicking on the switch, will download their virus definitions and works well when you're offline. But first you need to enable these engines in the Protection tab to use their definitions.

Like most antivirus protection, there's 3 different types of scan modes: Quick, Full and Custom scans. The Quick scan completes in 5 stages and covers your System settings, Common applications, Running processes, Start-up items and various Critical System files displaying each stage to the user as scan goes on.

Speed-up and Clean-up Tools

The security suite also provides you with a Speedup tool, for optimizing boot-up applications, system and application services, scheduled tasks and network parameters for faster browsing. There's also a Cleanup tool to save disk space on your PC by cleaning up the junks files browser plug-ins and make your PC run efficiently.

Protection Modes

Here you can switch Qihoo to work in 3 different protection modes: Performance, Balanced and Security modes. You may choose to enable or disable various protection parameters

  1. Privacy protection
    • Webcam protection
  2. Internet protection
    • Download file scan
    • Online shopping protection
    • Malicious website blocking
  3. System protection
    • USB drive protection
    • Network threat blocking
    • Malicious behaviour blocking
    • File system protection
    • Registry protection
    • Scan file when saved
    • Scan file when opened
    • Use Bitdefender scan engine
    • Use Avira scan engine

Tool Box

The Toolbox consists of the Patch Up and Sand Box utilties, and shows the votes for most wanted features to be included in the ToolBox by the community.

The sandbox feature lets you run and test suspicious applications without compromising your system’s security. The patch-up feature warns you about the various Windows updates that you need to install and keep your computer safe.


  • Clean installer
  • Nice user inferface
  • Lightning fast installation
  • High proactive defense
  • Top notch detection rates
  • Very good zero day protection
  • USB drive protection
  • Good sandbox
  • Decent malicious/phishing websites protection
  • Very light (360IS), moderately light (360TS)
  • Frequent updates


  • Firewall is missing 
  • RAM usage is high on enabling Bitdefender and Avira engines
  • High proactive defense calls for user intervention sometimes.
  • Low offline protection when both Bitdefender and Avira engines disabled (360TS)


If you're low on system resources I'd recommend 360IS which is much lighter, and for others 360TS should work well. Qihoo has decided to concentrate on the 360TS version, which means 360IS version will just be having minor updates until it's demise. Qihoo doesn't bundle or display any adware during or after installation. Whichever version you choose to use, Qihoo provides awesome protection at no cost. 

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I don't understand why we make so much fuss about Qihoo. There are good anti virus solutions and even useable security suites around. So what's the point of pontificating about this one?

If there is so much discussion I go by "Where there is smoke there is fire", turn around and stick with "my" proven solution.

How unfortunate, the AV reviewer at gizmo's may have to update their report on this product.

Folks can read the response statement from Qihoo and make up their own minds. We use our own criteria though when reviewing products and not those of other websites. MC - Site Manager.

That looks like an opinion piece by some 3rd party rather than a response from Qihoo.

We have known this for a very long time. The testing labs mostly incorporates detection via signature definitions evaluation which is not exactly how real world protection is really like. Every antivirus includes additional engines and features to protect you real-time when these are in-fact not been considered by the lab agencies. They don't evaluate the protection, once malware gets into the system and is active. It doesn't consider the sandboxing/virtualization technologies of antivirus. Avast doesn't score high on these tests, but they don't consider the multiple shields that comes active or when Avast is used in hardened mode, protecting you from various kinds of malware that traditional signature definitions cannot. The same goes for Qihoo or any other antivirus software. 

While these comparitive reports can be used for evaluation, it's not the be all & end all of the strength of any antivirus. Infact this where user-created videos scores highly when they test each component of the antivirus, rather than a sum-total of protection in one single listing that the testing labs provide, which is not not even transparent to the user, because it doesn't explicitly show, what samples have been used, the methodologies considered, and also the "actual testing video", when all that the user reads is simply the final report which may or may not be modified after evaluation. 

I will have to try it on my lap top.

Oct 11
alexxx46 wrote an interseting post, as I too see
Qihoo versions coming and going. I don't know why.
Plus 5 Anti-Virus engines at once, seem a little
bit extreme. So after a new OS I needed one AV
quick so I went with Microsoft Anti-virus, as I
looked around. But soon I never looked back. It
Updated my Windows Firewall and it was small and
free. A Full scan takes a while, but no biggie. I
never got one problem for 2 Years, But so sad
it will go away soon. All those Microsoft expire
times really make me mad. Windows 10 is coming. So
I wonder what a Nightmares will come with it ? We
only have a Year.

Actually 3 of the engines are from Qihoo itself, they've just been separated into Cloud scan, System repair and QVMII AI engines. The other 2 engines by BitDefender and Avira are on-demand, and you may turn them on, only if you want to.

Where did you get the info from that Win 7's Microsoft Security Essentials or Win 8's Windows Defender are "going away"?
That is utter rubbish and you should check the source and be very critical with everything that this source says.
I have Windows 10 Tech Preview on a spare system and all I can say is:
If Windows 10 delivers what the preview promises then

Windows 10 is Windows 8 done right.

And Windows Defender runs just fine in Windows 10.

Oct 11

My Information, is not mine, I got my Info from
CNET, ZDNET and the Windows Tech News Letters...
If you want. I will give all the Links. I need many places to get Information,
as I have to keep my finger on the pulse of all
the IT communities, for I work for the Canadian
Government IT Departments. Windows Defender is OK
for tablets and Iphones not very large Government
systems. W.D. is OK but a virulent 2015 Virus will
pass it, your not safe from Crytolocker, or from
I know Oracle too is previewing Windows 10 now, it
is our environment.

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lebulldog, please re-read eikelein's post on 11 October 2014 - 16:46 (119135). I hope that you will see that you got the wrong impression at your first reading. There isn't a word of personal attack in eikelein's post as I see it.

However, it's dismaying to see that, in your post on 11 October 2014 - 17:42 (119137), you responded with argumentative, presumptuous, and ad-hominem statements. This website is for discussion of software, not personalities.

Since I am not a member of Gizmo's staff, there is nothing official about this post. I simply enjoy the respectful environment that I've found in this community, and hope that it will stay that way.

Well, thank you ichabod.
And for full disclosure: I have never before heard of or have had any contact with ichabod.


PLEASE enlighten me about what in my post "insulted" you; I am only a 50 year IT veteran that really does not understand how I triggered that.

And YES, I would very much appreciate some links to sources about MSE/Defender going away.

And no, I can not refer to buddies in Redmond.

I tried to download 360 Total Security, but my firewall, Comodo, blocked it as unsafe. This rarely happens, and when it does, I am blocked from visiting. Why in the world would my firewall declare the contents of to be "Prohibited Content?"

Most likely a false positive.

True, but I am unable to proceed. My firewall makes no allowance for me to ignore such warnings. Sigh.

You could make an exclusion in Comodo for, so that you will be able to visit the site. Read this:

Dear George

Thank you for this article. I have been using Avast! for a while now and it does give me some pain at times. So I thought when reading your aticle that now it is time for a change. I am looking forward to using this free AV.



Sounds too good to be true. And my not too limited experience tells me that mostly this is a red flag; well, at least an orange warning flag.

Too bad I don't have a virus test bed available, would love to try it. With "test bed" I mean a working system that I would not care about crashing or the like.

I have a proven, trusted AV on my production system and will not jeopardize this system by trying AVs.

Try testing it for viruses on a Virtual Machine.


I misspoke, my apology.
I have plenty computer systems but no virus infected files to test an AV against.

Would you by chance know where I could get such files from? ;;-)

But jokes aside, I rather rely on others doing that sort of thing; I don't have the time and the energy to re-invent AV testing.

I get my samples from MalwareTips: It's an amazing community with interesting discussions....Scroll down to Virus Exchange under Malware Hub category.

Good free AV software has been around for over a decade with Avast and AVG both being high quality old timers up to the task. I've been running Avast for quite a while now and wanted to try something new. After installing and running this 360 total security, I uninstalled Avast. I'll be using and recommending this software to my friends and customers.

Best regards.

So what's the best "simple" firewall to use alongside this antivirus? Just stick to the one built into win 7? I currently made the mistake of installing comodo on my HTPC and had to put it into game mode just to get it to shut up so we could watch shows without all the popups.

Assuming that you have a Vista/Win7 or 8 system:
What in all the world keeps you from using the built-in Windows firewall? It has worked flawlessly since Windows XP's Service Pack 2.

The fact the win 7 default one does not give me an interactive popup on outgoing connection from an app and offer me the chance to block the connection to apps that should not be trying to get to the net.

Well, but you can turn it on, separate for private and public networks even.
Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Change notification settings > Check mark by "Notify me ... "

Is it possible to make Windows ask when there is an outgoing connection? My Windows 8.1 gives a checkbox only for "Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks a new app"