Another Program To Check For Software That Needs Updating


A few days ago I wrote in this column about  Secunia PSI, a free utility that helps to advise you which of the programs on your PC needs updating.  A couple of you suggested that SUMo (Software Update Monitor) as a program which does a similar job, so I have been taking a look at it.

Like PSI, SUMo scans your computer looking for all installed applications.  It then advises which ones have an outstanding update that is available for download but which you haven't yet installed.  You can then choose to download the update (manually or though the SUMo program).  If you don't recognise a particular program in the list of items found on your PC, there's also an option to open the relevant directory/folder in Windows Explorer so you can take a closer look.

SUMo is free, and is a 1 MB download from that's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  However, be aware that the installable version includes additional adware which will, unless you choose not to, get installed on your computer.  The safest option is to follow the advice on the web site and make sure you download the portable version, which is free of all unnecessary baggage.

As a way to scan your computer for software, SUMo is very useful.  On my particular machine it found about 800 programs.  Unfortunately, many of the programs it detected were not actually installed, but were merely copies of installers that I keep on my hard disk in case I ever need to use them in the future.  So long as you bear that in mind, SUMo is a useful tool to check for software (whether installed or not) that's lurking on your Windows machine.  And if you use the portable version, you can try it very easily.


Warning: [Picture] Download Portable Zipped version only, as the regular and lite installer contains adware.

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I believe you are incorrect. The "lite" version as opposed to the "RK" version which your are discussing above.

From the KC Softwares Site:
Download Regular installer. May contain sponsors like Relevant Knowledge and/or Somoto.
NoRK NoRK installer. Does not contain RelevantKnowledge but may contain Somoto .
Lite Lite installer. Does not contain any sponsor.
Zip Portable (Zip). Does not contain any sponsor.

I run Windows Defender, MalwareBytes Pro, HitmanPro and never have had any malware indicated from the site (in over 3 years now - Windows 7 and Windows 8). There is NO opt out in the "Lite" nor are any toolbars installed.

Please check it out and let me know if you find something else. Thanks

I'm not sure if you're replying to my post or the one that said Avast flagged it, but if extract the setup file yourself, you'll see that a file called itdownload.dll is included in the lite version and a script for Relevant Knowledge is included in the install script, regardless of what the software vendor states.

I am only speaking from actual use of this app - and I have not experienced what you stated when using the "Lite" version. I am not arguing with you - just stating my experience over the last 3 years backed up by MalwareBytes scans, HitmanPro Scans and Windows Defender Scans. I agree the other versions contain some undesirable toolbars and files. I will continue to use it - with my selected settings.

I didn't intend for you to think that I thought you were arguing. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. My opinion of these programs is that if one is going to use them, you're better off getting a good unpacker like Universal Extractor, updating it's individual unpackers, and extracting all programs if you can. In this manner, you can remove the offending ad-ware and run the program as a portable.

My policy is if I can't extract the setup file, I don't use the program (unless it's something I've actually paid for, which is rare these days). Even if buy software, it's always free after rebate.

This is a great program. Just be sure to download the "lite" version which is free of any adware. There will be several choices for download, but make certain "lite" is one you download. I have used it for quite some time and never had a it's very reliable for update info.

There are options which allow you to chose to include "Beta" if you wish. Check out the "Tools" tab and make sure you chose the ones which will accomplish what you wish to do. You can "ignore" programs if you feel they don't need to be updated -or you can "skip" updates for a week, month, etc. There is also an "Options" tab which can help you set the program up as you wish - like start with Windows, etc.

Also, if you feel an item is reported in error, you can right click it and report "error" or "Beta" if you wish. I recommend it - Kyle Katlin is very responsive to notifications of errors, etc. Thumbs up!