Another Free Web-Hosted Personal Finance App


I've written about a couple of web-based personal finance managers recently, so here's a final one to round off the trilogy.

Out Of The Dark (OOTD) is an online service designed to help you manage your money.  Just enter details of what comes in, and what you spend it on, and the site's rich collection of reports and visualisations will help to ensure that you know where all your money is going.

You can reach the site at  Access is free, and you simply need to enter an email address and password in order to register.  Like most online services of this kind, there's no facility to initiate bank transfers or store details of bank accounts, so your money remains safe.  As should your data too, of course, though I was slightly disappointed to see that my "welcome to OOTD" email contained a reminder of my password in plain text.  Quite how the system knows this, if  it's encrypting passwords before it stores them, is something that I intend to find out.

Still, OOTD seems like a useful system, especially as it's also available to use on smartphones so that you can track your finances from wherever you are.  My thanks to user Hareiana for telling me about it.


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