AceMoney Lite


AceMoney Lite

Organize and manage your personal finances but with limited accounts


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Personal Finance Software

Pros & Cons:

Simple and attractive GUI; multiple languages; support categories and filters; password protection; payment scheduler, loan calculator and currency conversion; import and export data; local help file.
Supports two accounts only in the lite version.

Our Review:

AceMoney Lite is a fully-featured finance program, geared primarily for personal home use. It handles only two accounts, compared with its upgraded shareware version, AceMoney, which handles unlimited accounts.

It allows you to keep detailed track of your expenses and provides a wealth of options for report generation by various categories, sub-categories, and functions.

The program also provides password protection, which is a plus for security purposes. In addition, the program supports 40 different international languages and contains a payment scheduler, an indepth loan calculator and feature-rich currency converter.

It can import data from QIF, OFX, QFX and XML format (for Microsoft Money), and exports data to QIF, HTML, CSV and TXT formats.

Lastly, because the program contains a complete detailed Local Help File, it is fairly easy to use, i.e. it has a gentle learning curve. Therefore, the program is useful for both novices and experts.

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