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What's this and why should I care about it? Well, your Bluetooth connected devices all have their capabilities we don't have to know about. What if you had a way to make them play the way you want? A2DP Volume is an app that can do that and has some nice built-in surprises.

I'm sure you really wanted to know that A2DP stands for "Advanced Audio Distribution Profile". Did I need to know that, I hear you say? If your Bluetooth device supports it, it's most likely it'll also support the Bluetooth remote control profile. That's what you use to control media playback on remote devices. For example, skip to next track, pause/play etc. on your Bluetooth Headphones.

Some of the things you can do with the A2DP app are to set different Volumes for different devices. This is achieved by creating different profiles for say, your headphones, sound system, Bluetooth speakers, car sound system.

Once the profiles are set as you like, you can forget about them. No more fiddling with the volume every time you connect to something with Bluetooth. That's got to be good. When you connect, A2DP automatically sets your chosen volume and can be set to do some handy extra things. Some of those might surprise you.

A2DP Volume



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