This 50-page Guide to Windows 7 is Free


If you're still running Windows XP or Vista, but you're considering the move to Windows 7, here's a handy e-book which goes into useful detail about where 7 is different from, or similar to, previous incarnations of Windows.  It's a handy, easy read, and is well worth checking out.

Click through to and you can choose to download the book as a PDF or read it online through something called scribd.  The latter fills much of your screen with ads and a clunky navigation bar.  I'd therefore recommend that you stick with the PDF download.


 Windows 7 Free Book

Comments from Gizmo

1. This is an useful guide for beginners or intermediate users who are moving to Windows 7. Despite the title, it is of little interest to pro users.

2.  When I first verified this offer the book was available as a free standing PDF download. Today I notice that the hosting website now requires you to subscribe to their newsletter in order to receive the book.  I don't like this switching strategy but it is unfortunately, increasingly common. That said, there is nothing stopping you subscribing, downloading the book and then unsubscribing.


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