This $35 Program For Aspiring Novelists Is Now Free


WriteWayA word processor such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer is great for writing relatively short documents, but when you need to write something as long as a novel it can quickly become unmanageable. That's why many professional writers use a dedicated program to help them manage their chapters as well as their research notes.

One such program is WriteWay, which until recently cost around $35. But development on the program recently stopped and consequently it was released as freeware. So if you want a copy, head to from where you can download a demo copy and also see the registration code that you need to enter. The code will transform your demo into a full version of WriteWay Pro.

The download is around 23 MB, and it's malware-free according to VirusTotal.

If you are interested in dedicated software for novelists, I have news of another commercial product that has also just become free. Check out Hot Finds over the next couple of days and I'll tell you more.

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I wrote thousands of pages using a program on a Trash 80 Model 4. I can't even remember the name of the program, but it was the most user friendly word processing program that I have ever used. It was intuitive and easily adaptable. Special characters was a bit of a problem, unless you knew the ASCII code, but that hasn't really changed. I have tried so many other office programs and still fall back on Open Office and Libre Office. With a little work, they can do the job without costing an arm and a leg. They are not as easy to use as that original basic (and probably written in BASIC) program on that TRSDOS 8 bit 4mhz computer. WordStar might have been the program.

Thanks a lot. Looks slick from first glance at included demo text. Forgot how helpful having those left hand panel
categories laid out. Just encourages the little gray cells to trigger. Even as a painter I'm pushed to put down some tracks
that relate to the creative process as well as some career history. That's how much this encourages me.

For Freebies, You have yWriter5-6 , Bisisco, Quoll Writer, and lots of nice free ones online, Like Reedey Editor and others.

PageFour just came up as free since they have a new product... BadWolf Software

First impressions from a non-tech newby. This program seems to support ONLY its own document format - .wwb - and it doesn't appear that I can import/open a doc written elsewhere in .rtf or .docx or ? Hence, not very useful for me. Have I missed something?

You can import .rtf files. So first of all you would need to convert/save your other file as .rtf and then you an import. You may need to change the import settings to do it though (I wiped all the settings and it worked) Page 92 (ish) refers

Not wanting to be grumpy, but at 75 with 50 years as a writer, I can't live without keyboard shortcuts that I can customize to approximate the legendary WordStar cursor diamond. Fact is, there are no decent editors for writers today. WordStar had its flaws, but it worked the way writers work. Best we can do is create our own keyboard using MS Word's excellent customization options, with macros assigned to keystrokes as needed. Too bad WordStar is gone. The ^Q combinations were kind of brain-dead. Why assign so many useful commands to the pinky finger, instead of ^M which was unassigned? Blatantly stupid. Still...