This $30 File Manager Is Now Free


Ever since the days of Norton Commander, which ran under MS-DOS, there's been a big market in add-on file managers for PCs.  While some people are content with using Windows Explorer, others want the added power of a dedicated file manager.

One popular file manager for Windows, namely Multi Commander, has recently changed from a shareware model to freeware.  The registration fee, of up to 26 euros (around $30) has been dropped, and you can download the full program from

The download, which runs on Windows XP and above, is only around 4 MB, and both 32- and 64-bit versions are available.  The program is very powerful, so thankfully there's a good collection of help and online documentation.

We downloaded the 32 bit version of the program from the download page at and it scanned clean at Virus Total in all 43 anti-malware scanners at the site. The full Virus Total report can be seen here.




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