25 Useful and Time Saving Computer Tips


Windows and Mac users can take some time and tedium out of computing using these tips.

It's the little things that make using a computer easier and faster. Things that make using the internet easier, such as typing only the name of the site you want to go in your browser (no www.). If the address uses .com, hitting Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard will automatically add the .com and take you to the site. If a web address ends in .net, hit Shift + Enter, the .net will automatically be added and off you'll go to the site.
Not only that, but most browsers will take you to a .com address if all you do is type in the name.
Try typing "microsoft" (minus quotes), or a site you prefer to visit into your browser address bar, hit enter on your keyboard and see what happens. Want to go to a site that has a .org address? No problem, just type the site name, .org, (example: freerice.org) hit enter on your keyboard, and your browser takes you there.
Those are a few tips off the top of my head, the article at digitizd.com has more. Even better, the tips are organized into Windows/Mac, Windows only, and Mac only.

25 Useful and Time Saving Computer Tips

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