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Warning: do not access this page at work. Many of these sites have a high Giggle Factor and that will give you away :)

The sites on are excellent. As examples of hilarious web design, they're superb. The best of all (the worst, that is) are the Flash ones with mystery navigation, they are all ROFL candidates. How to design a website and go bankrupt. Unfortunately the standard has improved drastically and the current crop are nowhere near as good (ie bad) as those in the past - but there are still some classics in there.

You can put games sites here but they may be taken off at some stage and put on a mega Best Online Games page (with luck).

You may have to rebuild some of these URLs by replacing [DOT] with a dot, etc, as I didn't link to many of them, for various reasons.

Keep 'em coming - especially the weird site ones.


Crazy sites

Websites That Suck
An ongoing competition for the worst-designed websites in the world. Web Design by A. Loon - We Proudly Use FrontPage and Flash. You could try and build a website to compete here, but you'd probably fail - you'd need to be a lunatic Flash developer who hated web users to have a chance. There aren't many of them and they're all in here. There are sites here with splash pages :) - that take 2 minutes to load - sites with invisible navigation - sites with no discernible point or reason - appalling technicolor nightmare sites that hurt the eyes - mad architects sites - loony sites with various crazy agendas - horizontal scrolling sites - the full monty. If you don't laugh till your ribs hurt, you must be an architect.
[Unfortunately all the architects' sites that used to win out here are gone, they all went bankrupt. In 2005 they were superb... ]

Here are some sites that may or may not be listed in the above site - check these out (rebuild the addresses correctly). I think we can all learn something from these sites. I don't know what it is though.
   [and click the main picture to drill down some]
   [and their Web Design courses look excellent] -->

These sites cannot be commented on as any comment would be cruel, tasteless, unwarranted, spiteful and uncalled-for. Like most humor of course.
www DOT peopleofwalmart DOT com
http COLON //menwholooklikeoldlesbians.blogspot DOT com

Loony software review
Some of our Editors received spammy emails soliciting software reviews, from one of those low-class price comparison & advert bloat sites. After laughing / throwing them away / asking how much they were paying :) , we figured to have some fun. A bunch of editors each contributed one paragraph in turn for this spoof software review - when it looks finished we'll present it to the trashy comparison site and ask for $100.

Build your own love song
- in 70 languages, by German comedian Bodo Wartke. Lots of German dialects of course but plenty of others.

How Many 5-Year-Olds Can You Take In A Fight
Sick but fairly amusing, if the ankle-biters are annoying you today and you like quizzes. The people who did this must be frustrated government site developers who spend all day building webforms for tax returns or something. Nice forms.

P0rn For Girls By Girls
It probably isn't but there you go. It's funny anyway. Apparently Belgian chocolates turn them on, and Belgian chips with that mayo-type sauce do it for me - so maybe there's a profitable long weekend in Antwerp in there somehow. Ah, the aroma of fries & fritesaus...
[rebuild the URL as one line, no spaces][REMOVE-THIS]rnForGirlsByGirls/

A department of the P0rnforgirls site (what, you didn't follow the links??)

...and another:

I sense D. McCandless in this somewhere

Church of the Highly Improbable
Here you can find the answer to everything - or nothing. A good feature is the Excommunicate button, aka logout.
[rebuild the URL as one line, no spaces]

TNA Wrestling
Probably the only way to describe this site is insane. I like the tough girlz though. A mega high traffic Joomla CMS site (for the initiated).

Plane wrecks on the ground
Some stunning photographs of aviation accidents that took place on the ground. Many of them seem to involve NorthWest Airlines - maybe they should drink-test their ground staff? I like the Braniff stuck over a ditch, next to a sign 'Aircraft Crossing'.

Monster engineering
How do you get a big container-laden river barge from one side of a large dam to the other? Like this of course. Even Brunel would have been impressed by this huge engineering masterpiece. It's right next to a power station and needs to be.

Nuke that site
Try this site where you can harmlessly take revenge on websites you don't like. Any way to convert this to real?

A site about the classic Brit comic Viz. Puerile and offensive did I hear you say? Couldn't argue - but that's comix. I particularly like the Sexist Book Of Records, a skit on the Guinness book.

A blog about sleep. Marginally more interesting than most blogs, which often seem to be about nothing.

This Flash / ASP site is so unbelievably bad it takes 30 seconds to load then crashes your browser. A classic. I just wish I could see it. It has a grade-A rating at WOT, which is hard to understand as I can't see how they can access it. It will crash your browser - so be warned - but it's worth leaving in here because it may just be the worst Flash site on the web - and that's saying something.

If your eyes weren't bad before you visit this site, they will be afterwards. It's got everything: violent colors, frames, a page that won't even fit on the screen, and more. It was worse, but they improved it.

This site is...... well, it's indescribable. This is what happens when you don't take your medication. Check out the scroll bar on the right of your browser screen :) -- The Front Page That Goes On For Ever. Could be a record? A sandwich-board man for the e-age.

The author seems a nice man. He may be a relative of the site owner above.

A classic. The site title says it all - or tries to.

A web agency spoof ad. If their stuff is as good as this they're worth hiring.

The portal to end all portals. Like sticking your head out of a porthole, in fact - in a storm. A lot hits you in the face. I especially like watching how the page loads items over about 3 or 4 minutes, with odd vids starting and bits going live. The source code is a source of humour as well.

Rhiannon's fav vacation planner - drag the map to your location and you get shown the furthest point on the world's surface from where you are. You can't get any further away unless you can afford a space holiday (only $30 million, I heard). But much of the time you'd need a boat -- did you know seven-tenths of the earth's surface is water?



Best Free Online Games
When there are enough here we'll start a new page. Any suggested sites / games must be ONLINE with no download needed, and they must be FREE (although it's OK if you have to register).

My personal advice to you is that you check out the relevant sections of this site first, and get yourself:
1. A secure browser;
2. A good software firewall;
3. A strong anti-spyware solution.

...before you play any online games. Or, use a sandboxing solution. I've found the vast majoriy are safe but inevitably one or two get compromised from time to time - but with good security you should be OK. However please note the following Disclaimer:

The owners, administrators or editors of aka Gizmo's TSA are not responsible for the content of any website linked to, and cannot check such sites on a daily basis for security risks. YOU AGREE that you must have strong security measures in place before you visit any website linked to from here.

Clay Kitten Shooting Game
Disgusting, should be banned. How some devert could come up with this is a mystery. Maybe after designing one of the architect's sites above.
[rebuild the URL as one line, no spaces]

Mini Flash games
Some good ones here.

Millions of them here:

The Eyeballing Game
The basic idea is using your mouse to find the mid-point in a series of geometric shapes.
This game is the kind that you never think is fun until you play it.
The Eyeballing Game

JigZone is an online Jigsaw Puzzle where you choose the level of difficulty from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut.
Jig Zone

Test Your Color IQ
Not as easy as it sounds.
Color IQ

Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell!

Survive for more than 1 second
- if you can.

The Virtual Office
At last - a *real* office life simulation

The most intellectually challenging game of all time - not. Flash has got a lot to answer for.

One of the (countless) Hasbro Coldfusion games. Watch out for the usual coldfusion 100% CPU load :(

Online art - of a kind

The U.S. terrorist threat level has spawned a lot of interesting stuff.


Quiz games

Here's a series of good quizzes etc. Supposed to benefit the UN World Food Bank.


Most Boring Website In The World
(a new category that we should develop - suggestions please)


A pointless art site - I think? Brian Eno is said to have contributed to this. Try to imagine music made by Tracy Emin, and you'll be in the right area...


Best Net Vids
A useful category that needs creating. Well - this stuff is free, isn't it?  I'd vote for some of the wildlife ones, like the mad stoat in the snow, or the cunning squirrel vs frustrated cat ones. Great.


7.y.o. gets a free trip
- but the price is a toothectomy. Cruel dad. This'll be great to play to his friends when he's 18.

S.F. Gizmo :)
[see the studio backdrop]  Man, you'd think they'd get a ton of lawsuits over this. Where is The Onion hosted?? The Onion News Network is funny but maybe a tiny bit OTT, subtlety is not their strong point. A mickey-take of a possible new Sony widget. I think it is a diabolical liberty to criticise a fine consumer electronics manufacturer in this way. Caution: strong language.

Windows music
Listen to a music composition based only on sounds available from the Windows operating system itself. Low audio volume so crank it up. Needs the original YouTube link here though.

Flash music vid
Just eye-candy, but great Flash. This is a Bjork music vid I reckon. They got the sound right as well - loud. Takes a long time to load. We never had this stuff when I was a roadie for Uriah Heep in Bournemouth.

Robot video
A big robot 'dog'. Looks like a big fly to me - sounds like it too. How much power does that thing use?

Cat v squirrel 1

Cat v squirrel 2



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