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Web Inkjet Cartridge Sites Reviewed and Rated

Ink cartridge imageBuying inkjet printer cartridges is a confusing business as there are dozens of web sites all claiming to offer the cheapest and best.

The trouble is that "cheapest" and "best" often don't go together.

At Tech Support Alert we put their claims to the test  by buying from 47 Web sites selling cheap compatible inkjet printer cartridges and testing them on our office machines. To test customer service we also returned some of the cartridges we bought.

Many suppliers didn't make the grade but listed below are some of the best.

It's quite possible you may find some sites that offer lower prices than these sites. If price is your only concern then by all means seek out the cheapest. However from our survey I can state that the sites below not only have great prices but good products and a professional level of customer service.

The price of compatible inkjet printer cartridges can vary day to so we suggest you check prices at several of the recommended sites. 

Inkjet Printer Cartridges - the  Best  Sites

So many readers wrote in to tell me about this site I figured I had to heed their call.  A full review is currently in preparation but let me give you the skinny: this site offers a winning combination of sharp prices and top service.  

In fact BizRate have just awarded them their coveted "Circle of Excellence Platinum Award."  Only 41 of BizRate's thousands of vendors have achieved this rating.  This is a pretty impressive for a discount operation and a big comfort for potential buyers in an industry characterized by many fly-by-night operations.

Shipping is $3.95 but free if you spend $50 or more.  But the prices are so sharp you'll find that you are still mostly better off here than with sites that offer free shipping but higher prices.  However if you are spending $20 or less, maybe you should go with free shippers like PrintPal.  (Our test set of cartridges cost $35.05) Full review to follow.

Update: Apparently 4Inkjets are now offering free shipping on all orders.
The best web site, low prices, a generous returns policy plus good quality products make this one worth checking out. ($37.30)  Full review *
Offer inkjet printer cartridges at the lowest regular shipping cost plus some good day-to-day specials.  ($37.60) 
Full review
They make their own inks and the quality of their inkjet printer cartridges is very good. We had problems when returning our goods but all ended well.  ($37.70)  Full review


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I use refillable cartridges.

No problems - much less expensive.

Gotta watch out for Canon's latest firmware "upgrade" - it "accidentally" breaks the ability to use third-party ink.

"... listed below are the best 11."

I see four.

Thanks Fairportfan for your feedback. Now copy-edited.

When i was in my 20s {fifty years ago} the family business was an ad agency and PR firm. I STILL can't help proof-reading everything i read...

I checked all the sites you suggested. is lower than any of them for the CANON PIXMA MG2420 series printer. Black & Color.

Another place worth considering is - I've purchased replacement toner cartridges for my Samsung laser printer and inkjet cartridges for my Epson Stylus CX8400 printer and have been very pleased with the results.

More than just cheap cables...

There are many other website on the internet which sell low priced Inkjet Cartridges in USA and Canada. I know few of them.. this website have almost all brand compatible, re-manufactured, recycled as well as original cartridges with very less price and with offers and deals too. This is one of those website which sell all leading brands inkjet cartridges with cheap prices.

these two are the best I found. Have few more in the row, but 3 or 5 % above then these two are.

It is looks like sponsored article :) Considering that two of those best web sites belong to the same company.
There are many other websites that sell high quality and low cost compatible printer cartridges:
and many more...

I'm surprised to not see mentioned here, either in the review or in the comments. We have a Canon MG8120 and have been using inkgrabber inks in it for over a year. They work great, and the cartridges all have chips that the printer recognizes. I've not had a single cartridge fail.

Inkgrabber's inks were evaluated on a website that I saw a couple of years ago as being the best of the generics -- very close to Canon's own proprietary inks, and, of course, much less expensive. Inkgrabber also sells Canon brand ink, but the combo packs of their generic inks are where the real savings can be had.

I have had to take the printhead out and clean it -- twice in over 3 years. Printer inks are water soluble and water is what should be used to clean the printhead -- not alcohol as I have seen recommended here in the comments. There are detailed instructions available on YouTube.

According to the photos of the ink cartridges on, they are LD Cartidges. I think it might be ok to order cartridges from LD on amazon. Most of the reviews are negative though, with a lot of the remanufactured companies. Is it because people freak out over the printer warnings?


I think they are the same company...

Are we ever going to see a full review of 4inkjets?

I have used Cartridge Value for past few months, prices are really good, service and postage good nothing to say. I used to order from other company ( don't remember a name :D ) but twice as I have ordered ink did not work so I gave a try for ' CartridgeValue' and they surprised me with efficiency. Now I'm using them only and I'm not thinking about switching to someone else>