A Clever Card Trick That May Leave You Bewildered


Our Hot Finds section has been very serious of late so it's time for a little unabashed silliness.

This old trick from master illusionist David Copperfield is hardly a Hot Find but even today, it can still shock the unwary.

I recall the first time I saw this trick; I was momentarily stunned and flabbergasted.  You may be too but after a little reflection you will find yourself smiling in admiration at its simple cleverness.

If you have some fun or light hearted items to contribute send them to me using the site contact form in the left sidebar. They probably won't feature here in "Hot Finds" but rather on our frivolous (and well hidden) "Complete Waste of Time" page. You will get full credit for any contribution.

Step 1:




Step 2:



Step 3




Step 4


Now a magician never reveals his secrets so please don't leave a comment below saying how it works.  Instead let folks work it out for themselves.

Do however leave a comment saying how long it took you to discover the solution.




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