A-squared Anti-Malware: Special Promotional Offer


a2 boxshotSorry, the free offer below has now expired! However EMSIsoft is now offering our site visitors the full A-squared Anti-malware product for $15 rather than $40.  This is a really sharp price made possible by EMSI's generosity and the fact that this site takes no commission. Full details here:


Here's another gift From Gizmo. Following the popularity of last month's offer of a commercial backup program for free I've made an arrangement with EMSI Software to provide my subscribers and site visitors with a full $40 version of the highly regarded A-Squared (A2) malware detector for free.

A2 is a top rated product that provides active signature and behavioral protection against trojans, spyware, rootkits and a broad range of other malware products. It offers a strong additional layer of protection to anti-virus scanners, particularly those like AVG 7.5 that do not provide broad spectrum anti malware detection. A2 can also be used as an on-demand scanner. Additionally it has a good reputation as a malware removal tool so it's a handy addition to your PC toolkit.

Finally it's one of the few anti-malware products that will work with Windows 98.

This is the full commercial version not the free version and comes complete with a full 12 months license. You can compare its features with the free version here.

How To Get A-squared for Free

1.  Download the 30 day trial version of a-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 from the EMSI website by using this direct download link:

http://download3.emsisoft.com/a2AntiMalwareSetup.exe  (31.5MB)

2.  Install a-squared Anti-Malware

3.  Create a new user account at the setup wizard as requested.

4.  Log in with the emailed password. If your password didn't arrive, check your spam mail folder. If problems persist click here and request your password from another server.

5.  Click the "Convert coupon code" link at the bottom of the following licenses screen and enter the following code:

Code deleted - offer now expired

6.  Follow the wizard instructions to the end.  This may involve an additional download of the latest signature files. This may be a quite lengthy process.

Once the wizard has completed the software is now installed and protecting your PC.

Your free license is good for one year.

If you have problems please contact EMSI not me.

This free offer expires on July 31, 2008



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