How to split, trim and join wmv video files with AsfBinWin?


AsfBinWin is one of the best splitters/trimmers/joiners for asf/wmv/wma files. It can look confusing at first, but it only takes a couple of minutes to understand how to use it.

Download it from here:

Just unrar it. There is no setup, this is fully portable freeware.


Why use AsfBinWin instead of a regular video editor like Windows Live Movie maker?

  • The export process is 100x faster (1000-3000fps vs. 30-80fps)
  • Lossless editing = Better quality
  • Easier and faster to use


When to use AsfBinWin?

1) You have a long video and you want to split it scene by scene. Example: Concert video, and you want to save each song in a separate file.

2) You want to remove some parts from a video. Example: TV recording and you want to remove the commercial breaks from it.

3) You have a long video that has been cut in smaller parts and you want to join them back together. Example: You downloaded a video in several parts (video01.wmv, video02.wmv, video03.wmv [...] video45.wmv), and you want to put them all back in one file.

Those are only some examples and you may find other uses for AsfBinWin.


1) Split a video in scenes

Click the three dots on the top right of the window and select the folder in which your video is located.

Select the video, then click the three little arrows pointing to the left to add the video to the list of input files.

Click on "Preview" to open the preview window.

Move the first marker near the beginning of the first scene, then adjust with the slider in the preview panel. Place the second marker near the end of the scene, then adjust.

Click "+ Insert" to add the scene to the output batch list.

Repeat those steps for each scene.

When you are done, check the "Save each segment to a separate file" option, choose the Destination folder, rename the output file, then click "Cut/Copy/Join".

Each scene will be saved to a separate file.


Trim or Split with AsfBinWin


2) Remove unwanted content from a video

Choose your folder, select the video and add it to the list of input files.

Select a portion of the video to remove, then click "+ Insert", and repeat for each selection you want to remove.

When you're done, click "Invert Ranges", then make sure "Save each segment to a separate file" is unchecked.

Choose the Destination folder, output filename, then click "Cut/Copy/Join"


3) Join videos

Remember this will only work if the videos have the same bitrate/resolution/codec... Usually, you should only join videos from a same batch.

Choose your folder, select all the video files you want to join, and add them to the list. You have to add them in the correct order. If the videos are correctly numbered, this shouldn't be a problem.

Place the markers at the beginning and end of the video, then click "+ Insert".

Choose your destination folder and output name, then click "Cut / Copy / Join".


Join with AsfBinWin


Additional tips:

- If you get a problem with the output, click "Advanced settings", uncheck "Enable precise cutting", and restart the export process.

- Do not forget to empty the list if you process several projects one after the other.

- wmv is a kind of asf file. You can change the output extension from .asf to .wmv if you prefer.


For more information about video splitters/trimmers/joiners, visit Best Free Software to Split, Trim or Join Video Files.


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